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I used to play soccer back in college.
After training, our coach would always make us run laps to build our stamina.
Coach would always say, whenever you feel like you're burnt out,
step it up,
'cos that's when your stamina is starting to boost.
I hated whenever coach said that.
It felt like hell. Your lungs were burning.
But it sure did work a lot.
Sometimes these days I think to myself,
you know what, maybe I should pick up that old passion again and do some laps and get in shape.
In our daily lives, we do a lot of things to maintain our livings.
We go to school, we go to work, we run errands, read, exercise, social with other people, the basic things.
Have you ever considered though
that most of these things we do merely sustain, what I like to call, the basic line.
We do these things in order to sustain
but when we take one step further beyond that line,
things start to change.
You start building your capacity, improving a relationship, your health condition, a situation.
You start seeing things on a higher level, and so on.
The daily basic things we do are like the foundations of a building construction.
The construction progress ain't quite obvious when you're building the basement floor,
but when you exceeded that level, things start to get noticeable.
When you pouring water inside of a mug,
you can't tell how much of a difference there is when you're pouring water inside.
But when it gets filled to the brim,
then all it takes is just one small spoonful of water to make it overflow.
We do the basics in order to sustain our ordinary lives.
But to make your life extraordinary,
you need to put in a little bit of extra effort, a little bit more of thought, a little bit more of determination, a little bit more of action.
So the next time, you go to school, get curious, ignite your passion, find a reason for you to learn, raise your hand, ask a question.
Don't just sit in class like you always do.
Do something beyond the basic line.
When you go to work, think ahead.
What would you do if you were boss? How would you run this business?
Do something beyond the basic line.
When you go home to meet your husband or wife, go home with a little something beyond their expectation.
Go home with a little passion, with a little surprise or excitement.
Do more than you would or should.
All we need to do is a little bit more beyond the basic line in order to take us from ordinary to extraordinary.


從平凡到卓越 其實你只需要做這一件事|JRLEE (JR Lee Radio)

3043 分類 收藏
Icrt Jr Lee 發佈於 2018 年 3 月 4 日
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