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  • I used to play soccer back in college.


  • After training, our coach would always make us run laps to build our stamina.

    訓練結束後 教練會要求我們跑操場練體力

  • Coach would always say, whenever you feel like you're burnt out,

    教練總是會說 每當你覺得快不行了

  • step it up,


  • 'cos that's when your stamina is starting to boost.


  • I hated whenever coach said that.


  • It felt like hell. Your lungs were burning.

    超痛苦的 肺都著火了 但確實超有用

  • But it sure did work a lot.

    現在 有時候我都會想 嗯 也許我應該要找回以前的熱血 再跑跑操場 恢復一下

  • Sometimes these days I think to myself,


  • you know what, maybe I should pick up that old passion again and do some laps and get in shape.


  • Maybe.


  • In our daily lives, we do a lot of things to maintain our livings.

    上學 上班 做雜事 閱讀 運動 跟其他人社交一下

  • We go to school, we go to work, we run errands, read, exercise, social with other people, the basic things.


  • Have you ever considered though

    但你有沒有想過 大部分的這些事情都只是在「維持」

  • that most of these things we do merely sustain, what I like to call, the basic line.


  • We do these things in order to sustain


  • but when we take one step further beyond that line,

    但當我們更跨出一步 超越那條線 事情開始產生變化

  • things start to change.

    開始會養成你的能力 改善跟人之間的關係 改善你的健康狀況 改善某個狀況

  • You start building your capacity, improving a relationship, your health condition, a situation.

    你開始站在更高的層次看待事物 等等

  • You start seeing things on a higher level, and so on.

    我們每天做的基本事務 就像是大樓建築的地基

  • The daily basic things we do are like the foundations of a building construction.

    當你在蓋地下室樓層的時候 工程進度不怎麼明顯

  • The construction progress ain't quite obvious when you're building the basement floor,

    但當你超越了那個樓層 工程就會開始看起來很顯眼

  • but when you exceeded that level, things start to get noticeable.


  • When you pouring water inside of a mug,

    在倒水的過程中 你看不出來有多大差異

  • you can't tell how much of a difference there is when you're pouring water inside.


  • But when it gets filled to the brim,

    接著 只需要一小湯匙的水 就足以讓它滿溢出來

  • then all it takes is just one small spoonful of water to make it overflow.


  • We do the basics in order to sustain our ordinary lives.


  • But to make your life extraordinary,


  • you need to put in a little bit of extra effort, a little bit more of thought, a little bit more of determination, a little bit more of action.

    多花一點心思 多一點決心 多一點行動

  • So the next time, you go to school, get curious, ignite your passion, find a reason for you to learn, raise your hand, ask a question.

    下一次你去上學時 驅動你的好奇心 點燃你的熱情 找到一個學習的理由

  • Don't just sit in class like you always do.

    舉手 問問題 不要只是像以往一樣坐在教室

  • Do something beyond the basic line.

    在「基本線」之上 再多做點什麼

  • When you go to work, think ahead.

    去上班的時候 預先思考

  • What would you do if you were boss? How would you run this business?

    如果你是老闆 你會怎麼做?你會怎麼經營這事業?

  • Do something beyond the basic line.

    在「基本線」之上 再做點什麼

  • When you go home to meet your husband or wife, go home with a little something beyond their expectation.


  • Go home with a little passion, with a little surprise or excitement.


  • Do more than you would or should.

    帶著一點熱情回家 一點驚喜 或是一點興奮之情

  • All we need to do is a little bit more beyond the basic line in order to take us from ordinary to extraordinary.

    比起你之前做的 或者你應該做的 再多做一點

  • Peace!


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I used to play soccer back in college.



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