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  • There were two people who went on vacation each on their own.


  • On that first night, they winded up at the same hotel. And coincidently, there were only two hotel rooms left.

    第一晚他們落腳到同一個飯店 巧合的是剛好只剩下兩間房間

  • So they took one each and went up to their rooms. However, when they got there they found the bathrooms smelled like s***.


  • Like what else did you guess I would say? They're bathrooms, they smelled like s***.


  • Now the first person couldn't stand it so he pinched his nose and tucked his head under the blanket for the rest of the night

    不然你以為我還可以說什麼?就是廁所嘛 聞起來就像...

  • while murmuring I'm never coming back to this hotel again.

    第一個人受不了了 他整晚捏住了鼻子 頭鑽到棉被裡 一邊抱怨著我再也不來這家飯店了

  • The second person got up. He rolled up his sleeves, turned on the faucet and he cleaned the bathroom.

    第二個人爬了起來 他捲起袖子 打開了水龍頭 接著他打掃了廁所

  • And he had a smell free, good-night's sleep throughout the entire night.

    於是他享受了一個無臭 好眠的夜晚

  • Now which person are you?


  • Excellent people don't just put up with and wait for things to change. They change things.

    優秀的人不會只是忍耐並等待事情改變 他們會做出改變

  • I had a good friend in college. One day we went to school, to the soccer field to play soccer.

    我大學時有一個好朋友 有一天我們去學校足球場踢球

  • And when we got there we found that the field was covered with trash.

    到那邊竟發現操場上遍地垃圾 不假 真的是滿山滿谷垃圾處在我們眼前

  • Like literally mountains of rubbish and trash lying in front of us.

    原來是前晚有比賽 剛好工友週末又不上班

  • Turns out there was a game last night and the janitor wasn't working over the weekends.


  • So I thought to myself, you know what, maybe we'd just settle in a little corner and do some practices over there.


  • But I looked at my friend, and my friend however he was bending down and he started to pick up the trash, cleaning up the place.

    身為他的朋友我怎麼能旁觀 如果不加入良心會過意不去

  • And as a friend, I couldn't be a bystander so I felt compelled to join him.

    接著整整花了我們兩個小時的時間才把它清乾淨 直到它完全沒有垃圾

  • And it took us two hours to completely clean it all up until it was completely spotless.


  • The janitor would have come in the next day but my friend intended to do it anyways.

    我們整個清掃完之後我們就使用了整個足球場 很乾淨的足球場

  • And after we cleaned it all up, we got to use the entire field cleanly.

    優秀的人不會只是忍耐並等待事情改變 他們會做出改變

  • Excellent people don't just put up with and wait for things to change. They change things.


  • Excellent people don't endure the unnecessary when they know they can make a difference.


  • They find a way to improve the condition, to improve the environment, and sometimes to improve themselves.

    他們會設法改善狀況 改善環境 有時候則是改善自己

  • So years later till now, I still remember the day me and my friend cleaned up an entire soccer field. It was tiring!

    事隔這麼多年之後 我還是記得我和我朋友打掃了一整座足球場的那天 超累的啦!

  • Now I'm not saying that endurance is not important.

    我呢 並不是說「忍耐」不重要

  • Endurance is surely a beautiful virtue but only when you're enduring the right things.

    「忍耐」是一個美麗的美德 但前提是當你忍耐的是對的事

  • When somebody insults you and tries to pick a fight and you take the high road and walk away.

    當你被侮辱被挑釁要打架 你選擇保持格調轉身離開

  • That's endurance.


  • When your big exam is right around the corner and you curb your urge to play video games or go out with your friends.

    當大考逼近 你克制你想打電動或跟朋友出去的衝動

  • That's endurance.


  • When times are rough and tough and instead of giving in, you hold on and give it your all.

    當時機歹歹 你不放棄 堅持並且全力以赴

  • That's endurance.


  • I love the quote that goes, “Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing but to turn it into glory.”


  • So ask yourself this, “Is what you're putting up with turning into glory or not?”


  • When you're sick, putting up with your illness is not endurance.That's foolishness.


  • You should go see the doctors.


  • When you intend to stay loyal to your girlfriend but you stay late at the nightclub with a bunch of good-looking young girls dancing around you all night.

    當你決心一定要對女朋友忠心但你深夜還泡在夜店 身邊還有一群漂亮的年輕美眉在你身旁跳著舞

  • Now trust me, that's not you showing that you're loyal.

    相信我 這並不是在表現你的「忠誠」這並不是在表現你可以抵擋誘惑 這是在自己招禍

  • That's not you showing that you can withstand the temptation.

    那不叫忍耐 你則應該要離開

  • That's you asking for something bad to happen.

    有時要忍 但有時也要採取適宜的行動來解決問題

  • That's not endurance and you should leave.


  • There are times to bear but there are also times to resolve the issue by taking the proper action.

    那飯店廁所的骯髒 臭味

  • So back to the story at the very beginning.

    那些就像是讓你深陷其中的糟糕狀況 即便有時根本不是你的錯 但假使你什麼都不做 那些就會繼續影響你

  • The dirtiness, the smelliness inside the hotel bathroom.


  • Those are like the bad situations that you're caught up in

    不要只是一味地忍耐自己 要改正自己

  • and even though sometimes they might not even be your fault, but if you do nothing about it they'll keep affecting you.

    腦袋裡那些壞的想法 壞的脾氣跟著你越久 你就得捏著鼻子忍耐它多久

  • The dirtiness could also resemble your shortcomings.


  • Don't just put up with yourself. Correct yourself.


  • 'Cos the longer these bad thoughts inside, these bad tempers stay with you, the longer you're gonna have to pinch your nose against them.

    他們會做出改變 包含他們自己

  • And you don't want that to happen.


  • Excellent people don't just put up with and wait for things to change.


  • They change things including themselves.

  • Peace!

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There were two people who went on vacation each on their own.



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