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  • Let them see your true qualities.

  • "My poor judgement"

  • your sense of humor "Ho, ho, ho."

  • "Your Majesty" Mr. Churchill.

  • I invite you to take up the position of Prime Minister.

  • He's an actor, in love with the sound of his own voice.

  • "You need to reply to the Lord Privy's Seal."

  • "I am sealed in the privy, and I can only deal with one shit at a time!"

  • "A bottle of champagne for lunch, another one at dinner."

  • "Here's to not buggering it up!"

  • (all) "To not buggering it up!"

  • We are looking at the collapse of Western Europe in the next few days.

  • "You ask, what is our aim?

  • "Victory at all costs!"

  • You're suggesting we're somehow winning.

  • We're not!

  • Is it true we're in full retreat?

  • All our forces are now in Dunkirk?

  • Where we cannot reach them.

  • "They're pushing us into the sea."

  • There is the question of peace talks, between ourselves and Germany.

  • "Europe is still..."

  • Europe is lost.

  • 00:01:19,220 --> 00:01:22,900 You have the full weight of the world on your shoulders

  • How many men will survive?

  • Go to the people, tell them the truth!

  • "We must rouse to an

  • heroic resistance."

  • There is nothing patriotic in fighting to the end!

  • Now is the time to negotiate!

  • "When will the lesson be learned?"


  • "I take full responsibility"

  • Really? "REALLY! Yes, Sir!"

  • "It is the reason I sit in this chair!"

  • Be yourself. "Myself?"

  • "We shall fight on the beaches."

  • "We shall fight on the landing grounds."

  • "We shall fight in the fields,"

  • "And in the streets."

  • "We shall fight in the hills."

  • "We shall never SURRENDER!"

  • "For without victory there can be no survival!"

Let them see your true qualities.


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最黑暗的時刻預告片2(2017)加里-奧德曼-溫斯頓-丘吉爾電影 (Darkest Hour Trailer 2 (2017) Gary Oldman Winston Churchill Movie)

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