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  • Hello! My name is Emma, and today we are going to learn some "work" expression. Okay? So these expression don't necessarily actually have to do with work, but they're expressions that


  • use the word "work". So today, I will teach you ten new expressions. Let's get started.

    用單字“work" 組成。所以今天我會教你10個新片語。我們現在就開始吧!

  • Expression No. 1: "overworked". What does it mean to be "overworked"? If you are "overworked",

    片語1:"overworked" "overworked"是什麼意思? 如果你“overworked"

  • it means you have too much work, okay? So this is not a happy situation. So you might

    表示你有做不完的工作 這不是你樂見的情況 你可能

  • tell your boss, "Listen. I feel a little overworked." Maybe you complain to your friends on the


  • phone, "Work is so hard. I'm overworked. There's no staff. It's all me. I work, work, work.


  • I'm overworked." So "over" usually means, like, "more". So that's a hint, "overworked".

    我工作過度。所以“over"通常表示“more" 所以這是“overworked"的一個提示

  • One thing about all of these expressions: Pay careful attention to the preposition because


  • with work expressions, a change in preposition can completely change the meaning of the expression.


  • So that is "overworked". I hope none of you are overworked, and I hope none of you are


  • "underpaid", meaning you're not getting enough money.


  • Our next expression is "dirty work". I really like this expression. So what is "dirty work"?

    下一個片語:"dirty work" 我很喜歡這個片語 所以“dirty work"是什麼意思?

  • Well, "dirty" is the opposite of "clean", okay? So "dirty" is "no clean" -- "not clean".

    首先 “dirty"的反義字是“clean"所以"dirty" 是"no clean"--"not clean"

  • "Dirty work" is work that is not fun work. No one wants to do dirty work, okay? So it's

    "Dirty work" 是一些自討沒趣的工作 沒有人會喜歡做苦差事

  • unpleasant -- see the sad face? -- work. What is an example of dirty work? Well, maybe you

    它令人不愉快--看到哭臉了嗎? 所以有什麼苦差事的例子?假設你

  • work at a company, and maybe there's a co-worker, or maybe you have some staff, and someone

    在一間公司上班 有一位同事或員工,然後某人

  • wants you to "fire" that staff, meaning someone is not happy with this person's work, so they


  • want this person to be "fired". Instead of them saying "You can't work here now", they

    希望這人被“fired" 他們並不直接像他說"你被解雇了,而是請你

  • will tell you to fire this person. So it's a job you don't want to do, essentially.


  • There are many examples of "dirty work", but what it really is, is a job no one wants to do.

    有很多dirty work"的例子,它真正的意思是指沒有人想做的工作

  • Clean toilets might be dirty work. Maybe your friend is having a party, and there're a lot


  • of people invited, and the party has to be cancelled. Maybe the dirty work is you have


  • to tell everyone the party is cancelled. So it's work you don't want to do.


  • Example No. 3: "get worked up". What does it mean to "get worked up"? It means you get

    第3個片語:“get worked up" "get worked up"是什麼意思?表示

  • very, very angry or very upset. It means you get very emotional. When you get worked up,

    當你非常非常生氣難過或非常情緒化時 。當你快抓狂時

  • you get very angry or emotional. So "get worked up". An example of that: Maybe it's the night

    你變得非常生氣或激動 舉個“get worked up"的例子來說:可能是

  • before your big test, and you haven't studied, and you're very stressed out, and you start


  • to cry, and you say, "I'm not going to pass this test. My life is ruined. I'll never get


  • into a university. Everything's horrible." That's you getting worked up, okay? Because


  • chances are you will do all right on your test, and you will get into university, and


  • even if you don't, you can try again at a later time.


  • No. 4: "work out". So "work out" has two meanings. The first meaning is "exercise", okay? Do

    第4個片語:“work out" "work out" 有兩個意思 第一表示“運動”

  • any of you guys work out? I think working out is fun. So it just means, you know, if

    有人運動了嗎?我覺得運動很好玩 將像你所知道的

  • you like to run, if you like to lift weights. Maybe you like to play basketball -- these

    如果你喜歡跑步 舉重或打籃球

  • are "workouts"; it's exercise to become healthy. The second meaning of "work out" is when you

    這些都是“workouts" 運動讓你變得更健康。 “work out"的第二個意思是當你

  • "work something out", you find a solution to that. So for example, maybe you have a

    "work something out" 你找到解決問題的方法。例如:你在解

  • math problem, maybe two times two, two times two: You have to "work it out". That one is

    數學題目,2x2是多少?你必須把它算出來。 這或許

  • a little easy, but maybe you have calculus. One more example of "work out" is the expression,

    太簡單了!可能你在解微積分。另一個“work out"的例子是這個片語:

  • "It will all work out", meaning "everything in the end will be good". So if maybe you

    "It will all work out",意思是“事情最終會有好結果的”。你可能

  • have a friend -- you have a big fight; it will all "work out", meaning "in the end,

    有個好朋友--你們大吵一架;最後將會"work out", 表示“最後

  • everything will be good", so "find a solution". No. 5: "work on" -- "work on something". "I

    你們會和好”,會“找到解決方法” 第五個片語:"work on" -- "著手進行某事" “我

  • worked on a project all night." "I worked on these English videos." "I worked on an

    整晚在準備我的企劃” “我在練習這英文影片” “我在創造一件

  • art piece." "I worked on a painting." "Work on" just means you do work, usually on a project.

    藝術品” “我在創作這幅畫作” "Work on"表示你花心思在一件事物上,通常是一個專案

  • You can work on your basketball skills. You can get better at playing basketball. You


  • can work on your painting skills, your English skills -- every day I work on my Chinese.


  • I hope every day you work on your English. So that's an example of "work on". But it's

    我也希望你們每天都花些時間在英文上,以上就是"work on"的例子。它

  • usually something that isn't yet finished -- you're still on the journey to completing.


  • You haven't finished yet. Usually, "work on" refers to: you're doing a project, but you

    事情還沒結束。通常,"work on"影射:你正在做一個專案,但你

  • haven't finished a project. Expression No. 6: "Work up an appetite". What

    尚未完成這專案。第6個片語:"Work up an appetite" 這是

  • does this mean? "Appetite" has to do with food, okay? When you "work up oppetite",

    什麼意思?“胃口"和食物有關,對吧?當你"work up on appetite",

  • it means you've been maybe exercising. Maybe you've been at work all day. Maybe you've


  • been in the office at the computer, but you're getting more and more hungry. Your stomach


  • is rumbling. You want food. You have worked up an appetite. So it just means you're very

    轆轆 你只想吃東西 你變得很有胃口 所以表示你非常

  • hungry. Okay, so now we are at expression number 7:


  • "Workaholic" this has one two three four parts, four syllables "wor" "ka" "hol"

    "Workaholic" 有4個部分,4個音節“wor" "ka" "hol"

  • "ic". What's a "workaholic"? A "workaholic" is a person. You use it as a noun: "He is

    "ic" 什麼是 "workaholic"? "workaholic" 是一種人,當名詞使用:“He is

  • a workaholic." She is a workaholic." What does it mean? It's someone who works all the

    a workaholic." She is a workaholic." 它是什麼意思?它形容一種人一整天都在工作

  • time. They have a problem because they work so much. Maybe they never see their family


  • because they're always working. So it's -- it's a problem. We use "aholic" whenever we're


  • talking about doing something too much. So if you drink too much alcohol, you would be


  • an "alcoholic". If you drink every day at breakfast, and it's very unhealthy, it's an


  • "alcoholic". If you shop all the time, and you spend all your money shopping -- every

    “酒鬼” 如果你常常在逛街,把所有錢花在購物上--每天

  • day you go shopping -- and you can't pay your bills, you're a "shopaholic", "shopaholic".


  • So you will see "aholic", and it just means "to do something too much and it's not healthy".

    如果你看到"aholic", 表示你過度做一件事情,通常是不健康的事

  • So "workaholic" is not a good thing. It means you work too much, and you're missing out


  • on time with your family and your friends. So I hope none of you are workaholics.


  • No. 8: "work it".This expression is a fun expression. You might see it on TV sometimes,

    第8個片語"work it" 這是個很有趣的片語,你可能在電視上聽過

  • and it means -- it's almost to encourage someone. So maybe someone is up on a stage, and they're


  • walking. Maybe they're modeling clothes. You might call out, "Work it." And it means you're

    或許他們在整裝,你可能大聲對他說 “Work it.”你為他們

  • giving them encouragement. You're telling them, "Yeah, you're doing something confident."


  • So when you see someone do something confidently, and you want to encourage them, you can say,


  • "Work it." I had a friend who always said this. Anytime she saw me walking down the

    "Work it." 我有個朋友總是對我說這詞。每到她看我走在

  • street, she would yell, "Work it! Work it!" Which means, you know, "walk confidently."

    街上時,她會大喊"Work it! Work it!" 意思是”"walk confidently."

  • So it's an encouraging expression. No. 9: "to work someone in". What does it

    所以這是鼓勵人的片語。第九:"to work someone in" "work someone in"是

  • mean to "work someone in"? It means -- in this case, we're talking about maybe you're


  • at the doctor's or the dentist, and you're talking to the receptionist, and you want


  • to get an appointment. You need to see the doctor. The receptionist might say, "Today


  • we're busy, but I can work you in." This means, "even though it's busy, you can get an appointment".

    我們很忙,但我們會幫你預留“」 這表示:「雖醫生很忙碌,你仍可以預約看病。」

  • So we use "work someone in" a lot with dentists, doctors. Usually it's a receptionist or a

    所以我們常用"work someone in"在看牙醫或醫生的場合中。通常是接待人員或

  • secretary who says this, meaning, "I can get you an appointment for what you need." Same


  • with hair. If you ever get your hair cut -- they're very busy -- maybe the hairdresser will say,


  • "I'm busy today, but I will work you in. I will cut your hair."


  • No. 10, last expression on the list: "work something out". What does it mean to "work

    第十個片語,也是最後一個"work something out","work something out"

  • something out"? It means "to make an arrangement". So for example, usually people will say, "We


  • can work something out. We can make an arrangement. We can make some sort of plan." So maybe you


  • have a new job, but you live in France, and the job is in Dubai. How are you going to


  • work in Dubai? Maybe your boss will say, "It's okay, we can work something out. We will make


  • some sort of plan." So it's just where two people make some sort of plan together.


  • Okay, so I hope you have worked hard today while watching these videos. I hope, again,

    Okay, 所以我希望你們今天都很用功的看這影片。再一次,我希望

  • that you're not going to be workaholics with English and study all the time, but that you'll


  • take some breaks. I also hope you will come and work on our test at I

    也要休息。我也希望你會到 做考試。我

  • promise you there will be no dirty work. Until next time.


Hello! My name is Emma, and today we are going to learn some "work" expression. Okay? So these expression don't necessarily actually have to do with work, but they're expressions that


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