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  • - You guys!

  • Look what I found on sale at the store!

  • These light up Christmas necklaces!

  • They're only $1.99 for five!

  • Can you believe that unbelievable bargain?

  • I mean, I want to.

  • Well, I think it's a sign that this is the year!

  • The year of Belcher family Christmas caroling!

  • Ooh!

  • Oh no.

  • Ugh, caroling?

  • Mom, we've had this talk.

  • We're just not those kind of people.

  • I mean, those people get their clothes dry cleaned,

  • they floss--

  • You know, honkies.

  • Well, count this honky in!

  • That's the spirit.

  • Come on, guys.

  • We'll go out to the suburbs to a nice street with pretty lights

  • where people will give us hot cocoa and cider

  • with real cinnamon in it!

  • Wait.

  • Hot cocoa?

  • La vida mocha?

  • I call it naughty mud.

  • I just call it hot cocoa.

  • I didn't know we had cool names for it.

  • And people will want to join us,

  • and our group will get bigger and bigger,

  • until it's Hands Across America singing

  • carols and saving mankind!

  • Oh, Amity the albino polar bear cub!

  • He's on the news again!

  • Turn it up, damn it!

  • REPORTER: Amity, the albino polar bear cub born at the Bog

  • Harbor Zoo only a few days ago is being

  • called a Christmas bear-icle.

  • Aww!

  • Amity makes non-albino polar bear

  • cubs look like a sick joke!

  • Ugh, he's so cute, it disgusts me.

  • Oh, Christmas bear-icle.

  • I just got it.

- You guys!


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B2 中高級 美國腔

琳達希望Belchers去唱聖誕頌歌|第七季第7集|BOB'S BURGERS(漢堡包)------。 (Linda Wants The Belchers To Go Christmas Caroling | Season 7 Ep. 7 | BOB'S BURGERS)

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