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  • I'm 81 years of age and have almost a billion citizens.

  • I've been in office 62 years making me the longest-serving monarch in history.

  • [snoring]

  • Have we finished?

  • Abdul, you will travel to England to the Royal household.

  • You will present the Queen with a ceremonial coin.

  • Whatever you do, you must not look at her majesty.

  • There is a famine in India.

  • Prime minister, you really are terribly depressing.

  • Yes.

  • Jelly, Your Majesty.

  • I certainly feel a great deal better.

  • She has requested Mr. Karim be her personal footman.

  • How do you like your Scottish costumes?

  • They're very scratchy.

  • Everything in Scotland is scratchy.

  • What can they be talking about?

  • What is a mango?

  • The Queen of fruit.

  • I would like a mango.

  • They only grow in India.

  • Well, I'm Empress of India. So have one sent.

  • No one really knows what it's like to be Queen.

  • Mother!

  • Are you spying on me?

  • Everyone I've loved has died and I just go on... and on...

  • What is the point?

  • Service, Your Majesty.

  • We are here for a greater purpose.

  • You are a servant no longer.

  • You will teach me Urdu and the Koran

  • You have upset the order of everything.

  • Drop this indian peasant or we will have you certified insane!!!

  • Treason!!! Treason...

  • I am cantankerous, greedy, fat,

  • I'm perhaps disagreeably attached to power, but I am anything but insane.

  • I am Queen of England.

  • Empress of India.

  • Abdul has risen on his own merits.

  • Now, he is my friend.

  • I haven't been as happy as this for years.

  • I'm a little surprised.

  • What is it?

  • A mango, your majesty.

  • It's off.

  • Sir Henry, this mango is off.

I'm 81 years of age and have almost a billion citizens.


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維多利亞和阿卜杜勒預告片#1 (2017) | 電影片段預告片 (Victoria and Abdul Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers)

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