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Welcome to Hungry Gopher. The Gopher's new kitchen is finally ready.
We'll celebrate this by making one of my all time favorites, Korean Pork feet..
It's called Jok-bal in Korean. It's a widely beloved dish in Korea
because of its wonderful flavors rendered with delicious healthy pork fats and seasonings.
  So let's get it started!
Korean pork feet, Jokbal, is traditionally made with fresh pig feet,
but today. I'm going to utilize pork hock because fresh pork hocks were easier to
find than pig feet where I live in California. First, we'll make the brine for the organic
hocks. Add a generous (8 cups) amount of water,
a cinnamon stick, bay leaves, 1 Tbsp peppercorns, 1 ½  tsp Coarse sea salt,
1 Tbsp fish sauce (or salted shrimp), if don't have it, add more salt to substitute
20g fresh ginger, thinly sliced, Same amount of Garlic cloves, whole
And my secret ingredient to add sweetness and nutrition to the dish, licorice root.
Licorice root is sweet in nature and it'is known to soothe inflammation
and supports your immune system. It's called Gamcho in Korean.
It's been used for centuries as an essential herb in Eastern medicine.
Check out my online shopping recommendation for licorice root
& fish sauce at HungryGopher.com Mix this all together and taste it. That's
just right. Your pork hocks will taste like the brine once they are cooked in it.
So follow the golden rule of cooking, always taste as you go.
Now, let's add our hero, pork hocks. Cover this. Bring it to a hard boil over high
heat. Then turn it down to medium heat. Cook it until it's tender, about 1 hour
and 40 mins. (If it's not fully submerged in the brine,
turn it over once in the middle to cook them evenly).
[insert shot - HG resting in the backyard] Let's see how it's doing. Humm… I wish
you could smell this… Smells incredible here.
Let's do a poking test with a chopstick. Nice, it glides right through the meat and
the meat is pulling away from the bone. It's perfectly cooked now.
Turn the heat off. Let me show you how to serve up this goodness.
Cut the meat off the bone. And slice it into bite size pieces.
You can find the complete recipe for jokbal at HungryGopher.com
Let's see how we did. Oh… my it dissolves in the mouth. It's
juicy, tender with the right amount of firmness and gelatin from the pork fat.
Also, don't forget to enjoy the nutritious broth that is full of flavors.
It's delicious on its own. But it's even better in a Korean vegetable wrap, called
Ssam. And of course, the richness of the pork hock
pairs beautifully with tangy kimchi. You can find out how to make Ssam, in my Korean
beef BBQ recipe. You can also find simple kimchi recipes and
the complete recipe for Jokbal at HungryGopher.com. Try this recipe and let me know how it goes,
Remember Guys, Eat Real, Be Real Thanks for watching…. I'll see you next
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