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  • hello everyone and welcome back to english with lucy so i've made a video

    大家好,歡迎回來 英語與露西所以我已經做了一個影片

  • about improving your listening and i made one about writing very recently as

    關於提高你的聽力,我 最近也做了一篇關於寫作的文章

  • well and i have made one on conversation but today the time has come to make a

    好了,我已經做了一個對話 但今日此時該來製作

  • video about improving your reading and your reading comprehension because

    關於提高閱讀能力的影片和 你的閱讀理解能力,因為

  • that's what you guys have been asking for so this video is going to be

    這就是你們一直在問的 所以這個影片將是

  • jam-packed ie really really full of tips that will help you improve so whether

    滿滿的,即真的是滿滿的小竅門 這將幫助你提高,所以無論

  • you want to improve because you need to do a reading exam or if you just want to

    你想改進,因為你需要 讀書考試,或者如果你只是想...。

  • read for pleasure and understand more these tips are going to help you let's


  • get started with the video now let's start with an easy one and one that you

    現在讓我們從影片開始 從一個簡單的一對一開始,你

  • definitely will have heard before but it's so important I feel like I need to

    肯定會聽說過,但 它是如此的重要,我覺得像我需要

  • reiterate it and this is read the question now at school I remember being

    重申,這是讀 現在在學校裡,我記得我被

  • bored of my teachers telling me to read the question always read the question

    厭倦了老師叫我讀書 一問三不知

  • remember to read the question but having worked as a teacher and having marked so

    審題立意 當過老師,也做過記號

  • many exams oh my god so many points are lost through people miss reading the

    很多考試哦,我的上帝這麼多分是 誤人子弟

  • question how many times have you seen a question that says answer with one

    問你見過幾回 答非所問

  • example of bah-bah-bah well if you give two examples most of the time you will

    呸呸呸的例子,如果你給了 兩個例子,大多數時候你會

  • not get the point because you've given too many examples or if they asked you

    不懂,因為你已經給 太多的例子,或者如果他們問你

  • to describe something and you provide a list it's not a description so you might

    描述的東西,而你提供了一個 列表,它不是一個描述,所以你可能會

  • lose that point so please just bear it in mind you need to read the question

    失之交臂 牢記你需要閱讀的問題

  • that was a pretty easy one let's get on to the next one now tip number two is

    這是個很簡單的問題,讓我們繼續吧 到下一個現在提示二是

  • all about practice but the best way to practice and this is by reading the news

    都是關於實踐,但最好的方式 而這是通過閱讀新聞

  • we're better to find up-to-the-minute current vocabulary that you can use in

    我們最好能找到最新的......。 當前的詞彙,你可以用在

  • conversations that you're going to see in exams because often exams will

    你將會看到的對話 在考試中,因為往往考試會

  • use examples of current events or recent events so as a teacher I am always on

    借古喻今 事件,所以作為老師的我總是在

  • the lookout for the best news resources for my students

    尋覓最佳新聞資源 為我的學生

  • The Telegraph app have very kindly sponsored today's video but it wasn't a

    電報應用非常友好地 贊助今天的視頻,但它不是一個

  • hard job for me because I already use the app on a daily basis it is the news

    對我來說很困難,因為我已經使用 該應用程序在每天的基礎上,它是新聞。

  • app that I recommend to my students the reason I recommend this to my students

    我向我的學生推薦的應用程序 我向我的學生推薦這個的原因

  • is because it's trusted news content you can use it both online and offline so

    是因為它是值得信賴的新聞內容,你 可以在線和離線使用,所以

  • when you're connected to Wi-Fi you can download all the news stories and then

    當你連接到Wi-Fi時,你可以 下載所有的新聞故事,然後

  • when you're out and about you can catch up on everything it's excellent because

    當你外出時,你可以趕上 在所有的東西,它是優秀的,因為

  • you can click on the topic that is relevant and interesting to you because

    你可以點擊主題是 與您相關的和有趣的,因為

  • that's really important download it whilst you're at home or

    這一點很重要 下載,而你在家裡或

  • connected to Wi-Fi and then when you're on your commute or you're out and about

    連接到Wi-Fi,然後當你 在您的通勤路上,或者您外出時

  • or you're somewhere where there's bad internet or at school for example you

    或者你在某個地方,那裡有壞的 互聯網或在學校,例如你

  • can catch up with all the latest news stories in the section that interests

    可以瞭解所有最新的新聞 感興趣的欄目中的故事

  • you most so that's one thing that I love about it the way that you can view

    所以這是我最喜歡的一件事。 關於它的方式,你可以查看

  • everything offline as well as online know it's all very well reading the news

    網下網上 知無不言,言無不盡

  • every day but how can you use the news to get as much vocabulary into your

    但你怎麼能用新聞 儘可能多的詞彙進入你的

  • brain as possible well I would encourage you to keep a vocab diary my

    儘可能好的大腦,我會鼓勵 你來記單詞日記我

  • recommendation is keep it all on your phone use the Telegraph

    建議是把所有的東西都放在你的 電報

  • app try and read the articles that are relevant and interesting to you and then

    應用,並嘗試閱讀文章,是 相關的和您感興趣的,然後

  • on the note function on your phone keep a vocab diary so you could date it every

    在手機的備註功能中,保持 詞彙日記,這樣你就可以每一個日期。

  • day you can note down the words that you don't understand in the app and then

    日,你可以記下你 在應用程序中不理解,然後

  • when you get home you can fill in that diary find out what the words mean and

    回家後你可以填上 日記中找出詞語的意思,並

  • there you have a list to study from now you guys have probably heard all the

    榜上有名 你們可能已經聽說過所有的

  • fake news and the untrustworthy news articles going around The Telegraph is

    假新聞和不可信的消息 在《電訊報》上流傳的文章是

  • completely trusted it's well written it's well researched it's current it's

    信手拈來 它的研究很好 它的時效性它的。

  • up-to-the-minute and you can view it both online and offline so it's

    最新的,你可以查看它 在線和離線,所以它的

  • completely accessible I've left the link in the description box for anybody who

    完全可以訪問,我留下了鏈接 在描述框中為任何人

  • wants to download it I really do encourage you to do that vocab diary

    我真的想下載 鼓勵你做那個詞彙日記

  • because it has transformed so many of my students vocabularies right tip number

    因為它改變了我很多的 學生詞彙正確提示號

  • three relates back a little bit to tip number two but it's really important if

    三與小費有關 第二,但它真的很重要,如果

  • you want to achieve the right amount of because practice does make perfect and

    你想達到適量的 熟能生巧

  • that is scheduled in reading time and you will be amazed at how much this can

    在閱讀時間和 你會驚奇地發現,這可以使

  • increase the amount you read every morning on your commute or or during a

    增加你的閱讀量 早上在你的通勤路上或在

  • break work or school or you could be reading for pleasure so you could be

    休學或休學,或者你可能是 讀書消遣,所以你可以

  • setting aside an extra half an hour in the evening but make sure you make

    多留半小時 晚上,但你一定要

  • reading part of your routine because otherwise other things take priority and

    閱讀是你日常工作的一部分,因為 否則

  • you will miss out because improving your reading and improving your other

    你將錯過,因為提高你的 閱讀和改善你的其他

  • language skills really is like running a marathon

    語文能力真的就像經營 馬拉松

  • you can't cram it you can't do something once and then inspect to see a massive

    你不能塞滿它,你不能做一些事情。 一次,然後檢查,看到一個巨大的

  • improvement it needs to be little and often that's why little tasks like

    改善,它需要很少的和 往往這就是為什麼一些小任務,比如

  • scheduling in and writing a vocab diary are so so effective let me know in the

    排班和寫生字日記 是如此的有效,讓我知道在

  • comments below when you most like to read or if you're going to schedule in

    下面的評論,當你最喜歡 閱讀或者如果你要安排在

  • reading time and when that's going to be now another way you could look at

    閱讀時間,以及什麼時候會有。 現在你可以從另一個角度看

  • scheduling in reading time is setting yourself a reading goal so depending on

    閱讀時間的安排是設定 自己的閱讀目標,所以根據

  • your level schedule in a certain amount of articles every single day or however

    你的等級表在一定數量 稿件,或每天

  • many chapters or pages of a book every single day you know I'm not reading to

    滿打滿算 每天你知道我不是在看書。

  • improve my English I'm reading for entertainment and to keep up to date

    提高英語水平 我在讀 娛樂和保持最新的

  • with current affairs I like to set myself the goal of reading at least 5

    我喜歡用時事來襯托 自己的目標是至少讀5本

  • articles in the morning whilst I have my coffee I skim read them and it's just

    在早上的文章,而我有我的 咖啡,我粗略地讀了一下,它只是。

  • the right amount of time for me obviously if I have more time I'll read

    適當的時間 顯然,如果我有更多的時間,我將閱讀

  • more I do like to start off the day with my set amount I can go over but I can't

    我更喜歡用以下方式開始一天的工作 我的設定金額,我可以超過,但我不能。

  • go under so look at scheduling in a goal for each day now the next hip is a

    下去,所以在一個目標中看排期。 每一天都是一個新的臀部

  • little bit strange and it might not work for everybody but it really really works

    有點奇怪,可能不靈了 對每個人來說,但它真的真的很有效

  • for me it worked for me when I was doing my exams at university because I found

    對我來說,這對我來說是有效的,當我在做 我在大學的考試,因為我發現

  • studying so boring but I needed to ingest a huge amount of articles essays

    學習這麼無聊,但我需要 攝取大量的文章論文

  • textbooks literature in general and something I found incredibly helpful and

    教科書 我覺得非常有幫助,而且

  • something that made reading much more pleasurable and much more enjoyable was

    的東西,使閱讀更多 愉快和更愉快的是

  • reading using the voice of a celebrity in my head

    配音 腦海中

  • and my celebrity of choice was always Stephen Fry who I've mentioned in

    而我選擇的名人總是 斯蒂芬-弗萊,我在

  • previous videos he speaks with received pronunciation

    以前的視頻 口齒伶俐

  • he's very very intelligent he's a comedian he has a lovely voice and I

    他非常非常聰明,他是一個。 喜劇演員,他有一個可愛的聲音,我。

  • used to read through all of the essays literature for my university degree in

    屢讀不厭 文學

  • in his voice and I just got into a habit and I found that it made everything less

    在他的聲音,我只是養成了一個習慣。 我發現,它使一切都不那麼

  • dreadful and I've seen that other people do it too because I get messages on

    可怕的,我也看到了,其他的人 因為我收到的消息在

  • Instagram and comments on YouTube saying whenever I read anything in English I do

    Instagram和YouTube上的評論說 每當我讀到任何英文的東西,我都會

  • it in your voice loosely and at first I thought how strange and then I thought

    你的聲音很寬泛,一開始我覺得 我覺得很奇怪,然後我覺得

  • oh that's what I do just even Fri so yeah pick a voice of somebody that you

    哦,這就是我所做的只是即使週五,所以 是啊,選擇一個人的聲音,你

  • really really like and and try using their voice in your head next time you

    真的很喜歡,並嘗試使用 他們的聲音在你的腦海裡,下次你

  • read something if you're reading to practice your English let me know which

    唸唸有詞 練習你的英語讓我知道哪些

  • person you choose in the comments because I think it'll be quite funny to

    留言者 因為我認為這將是相當有趣的,以

  • see who everyone chooses now the next tip is for people who just really aren't

    看大家選誰了 小貼士是給那些只是真的不是

  • satisfied with their reading comprehension if you feel like you are

    飽讀 理解力,如果你覺得你是

  • underperforming in exams or you're not getting the most out of reading for

    考試成績不佳或你沒有 充分利用讀書的機會

  • pleasure this tips for you I want you to step back from your reading and evaluate

    很高興為你提供這個提示,我想讓你 退而求其次

  • what's going wrong why why are you dissatisfied in order to find a cure you

    出了什麼事 為什麼 為什麼你 為了找到治療方法,你不滿意

  • need to find the problem you need to ask yourself why are you lacking vocabulary

    需要找到你需要問的問題 自己為什麼詞彙量不足

  • is it that every other sentence you can't understand because you don't

    是不是每隔一句你 不懂,因為你不

  • understand the words are you lacking technical vocabulary so you'll fine

    語焉不詳 技術詞彙,所以你會精

  • reading a general story but if you read about politics or science you're

    讀到一般的故事,但如果你讀到 關於政治或科學你是

  • completely stumped stumped means confused is it that you really struggle

    啞巴吃黃連,有苦說不出 糊里糊塗

  • with tenses is it that you can't work out which past tense is being used or if

    時態,是不是你就不能用 判斷是否使用了過去時,或者是否

  • they're talking about the present or the future is it rather than the language

    他們說的是現在或將來 未來是它,而不是語言

  • used is it that you find reading too tiring or too boring is it that you run

    習慣了,是不是覺得讀書太 是你跑得太累了還是太無聊了?

  • out of time in an exam you need to think about what is going wrong and then find

    在考試中你需要思考 癥結所在,然後找到

  • yourself a solution or ask some I'd help you find a solution I can give

    自己想辦法或問一些 我可以幫你找到解決的辦法

  • you all the tips to apply to your reading but if you don't work out what's

    你所有的技巧都可以應用到你的 讀,但如果你不知道什麼是真正的

  • wrong in the first place you're going to have a tough time improving so I invite

    錯的地方,你要去 舉步維艱

  • you to think about your reading what is going wrong write it in the comment

    你要思考你的閱讀是什麼 點評

  • section and let's all help each other to improve our reading skills I can

    節,讓我們大家互幫互助,以達到 提高我們的閱讀能力 我可以

  • identify what's wrong with my reading when I read in Spanish for example I get

    辨讀 例如,當我用西班牙語閱讀時,我得到

  • bored i skim read I miss the point and I don't try hard enough to understand the

    無聊的我草草讀了一下,我錯過了重點,我。 不努力去了解

  • whole passage what do I need to do I need to work on summarizing every

    整段文字我需要做什麼我 要善於總結

  • paragraph or every page to make sure that I get a clear grasp of the context

    段或每頁,以確保 我清楚地掌握了上下文。

  • and just what's going on in the piece so what's your problem and if you can what

    而只是在片中發生了什麼,所以 你的問題是什麼,如果你可以什麼?

  • do you need to do to fight it comment down below my next tip is going

    你需要做什麼來對抗它 請在下面留言,我的下一個提示是去

  • to sound weird as well but it's something that really worked for me and

    聽起來也很奇怪,但它是 對我來說,真正有效的東西

  • this is use a pen and this helps you in a couple of different ways one of the

    這是用筆,這有助於你在。 幾種不同的方式,其中一種是

  • obvious ones which you will know about is you can underline words but it is

    顯而易見的,你會知道的 是你可以下劃線的單詞,但它是

  • really really important to underline key words or even cross out words that you

    切記 詞,甚至劃掉你

  • think are not relevant as well I wouldn't completely cross them out but

    認為都是無關緊要的,以及我 也不至於完全劃掉

  • maybe put a line through if you think no no this stuff doesn't matter just the

    如果你認為不行的話,也許可以放一條線過去 不,這些東西不重要,只是

  • key words but another use for your trusty pen is use it to help you speed

    關鍵字,但你的另一個用途 可靠的筆是用它來幫助你的速度。

  • read so you use it as a pointer this is going to really help anybody that

    讀,所以你用它作為一個指針,這是 將真正幫助任何人,

  • struggles with reading a text in a short amount of time in a lot of exams you're

    咬文嚼字 量,在很多考試中你是

  • under time pressure so you want to read as much as possible in the shortest

    在時間壓力下,所以你想讀 儘可能在最短

  • amount of time so I find that by using a pen and following under the words like

    量的時間,所以我發現,通過使用一個 筆和下面的字樣,如

  • this I know I look ridiculous right now but I want you guys to speed read really

    我知道我現在看起來很可笑 但我想讓你們速讀真的

  • helps me read much more quickly you can try it out see if it works for you take

    幫助我讀得更快,你可以 試一試,看是否適合你服用

  • an article read it first without the pen read it again with the pen time yourself

    伏筆 自己提筆再讀

  • see which one is quicker it might take some getting used to but learning to

    見招拆招 有些習慣,但學會了

  • speed read and using a pointer it can transform the way you perform in reading

    讀取速度和使用指針,它可以 改變你在閱讀中的表現方式

  • exams right guys that's it with the tips for today I really really

    考試吧,夥計們,就是這樣 與今天的提示,我真的真的

  • encourage you to click on the link in the description box and download the

    鼓勵您點擊以下鏈接 描述框並下載

  • Telegraph app I've already said how great it is it was what I was using

    電報應用我已經說過了,如何? 偉大的是它是什麼,我是用

  • before and it was an absolute pleasure to be invited to work with them because

    之前,這是一個絕對的樂趣 被邀請與他們合作,因為

  • I love recommending things I truly believe in I'm confident that if you set

    我喜歡推薦我真正 我有信心,如果你設置了

  • yourself a goal of reading to 3 or 5 articles a day for example you really

    給自己定一個目標,讀到3到5個 比如你真的

  • really will improve your reading comprehension over time don't forget to

    真的會提高你的閱讀能力 理解力隨著時間的推移,不要忘了

  • connect with me on all of my social media I've got my facebook I've got my

    在我所有的社交網站上與我聯繫 媒體 我有我的facebook 我有我的

  • Instagram and I've got my Twitter and I will see you soon for another lesson

    Instagram和我已經得到了我的Twitter和我。 後會有期

  • yeah


  • you

hello everyone and welcome back to english with lucy so i've made a video

大家好,歡迎回來 英語與露西所以我已經做了一個影片

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