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Hola and welome to Overlander.tv’s Spanish adventures
At each location I visit, I will meet a local person
And find out a little more about their home town
Since arriving in Spain, I’ve had a strange desire to grow a moustache
The last time this happened, I was in Outback Australia
I’d met an Aboriginal Kadaichi man on the cross roads of a small town
He taught me secrets that transformed me from a mild mannered wedding video guy
To the overlander, adventure filmmaker
Luckily this alter ego disappeared once I left the heat of the outback
For the lights of the city
Was the overlander returning
And would I still fit into those short shorts
It’s my dream to travel the world, meeting the other tribe
So I thought for my Madrid story
I’d interview people also following their dreams
Marta Escauriaza dreamed of opening her own restaurant
Recently that dream became a reality
My story began when I was studying a cooking course in Paris, in France
that is called "Le Cordon Bleu".
I studied and I obtained a great diploma in cookery and patisserie
This was nine years ago.
One day a friend mine said to me that he had two friends
who had a restaurant that did not work very well and needed a partner
and a person who knew about gastronomy that could improve the restaurant.
I visited the restaurant and I liked it.
They gave me unlimited power to make changes as I saw fit.
I changed the decorations, I left my old work,
and I gave up everything to open the restaurant.
In the end, I had very little time to do it, in fact only a month and a half,
and I believe I obtained a very good result.
I knew more or less how I wanted to change the restaurant
and we have chosen a French- Basque menu.
Gastronomically, Spain is the best country in the world to eat right now.
This is because you can find a lot of differentiation between cuisines all around Spain.
If you go away to the North, for me the North is the best place to eat in Spain:
San Sebastián, Navarra, Galicia... where you can find produce of a wonderful quality:
meat, fish, vegetables, since in the north it rains alot, there is much variety.
In the South of Spain you can find different fried dishes and fantastic dishes of fish.
There is a lot of gastronomic variety in Spain, and I think there is lots of variety and it is very good.
For many centuries we have had a great culinary tradition in Spain and it is very rich in gastronomy.
Madrid is an interesting city for an outsider
It has no real centre
I believe getting to know Madrid is like courting a women
To really get to know her, takes time and effort
And in the case of Madrid, keeping late hours
To explore Madrid’s famed nightlife I caught up with Javier Icazuriaga,
I’d met Javier on an earlier trip, where I walked the Camino de Santiago.
Javier is also following his dream,
having recently set up his own music recording business.
I have worked 10 years for different recording multinationals
such as BMG, Poligram, Universal, as a creative director.
Now I have created my own company. A producer of music with a recording studio.
We have promoted a new group and we have published its first disc.
The band is called Alis and everything has gone very well.
Madrid has much nightlife. It has many sites to see live concerts
and for me this is important because I dedicate myself to music and music production,
there are many venues for nightlife and live music.
In Madrid you can find people from all over Spain.
Spain is many different cultures within the same country, different languages, different traditions.
In Madrid you can find all the people of Spain.
It is very difficult to find somebody born in Madrid, it is a mixture of cultures.


[旅遊] 馬德里很思議 Madrid, Spain Travel Video Guide

2160 分類 收藏
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