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The city of Melbourne is situated
in the southern Australian state of Victoria.
Opening out like a fan from the shores of Port Phillip Bay,
Melbourne is home to over 4 million residents
and regularly features in the top rankings of 'world's most livable cities.
Founded on the banks of the Yarra River in
the discovery of gold transformed this faraway settlement
into one of the wealthiest cities in the world.
Decades of prosperity created a metropolis
filled with grand civic buildings, cathedrals, theaters, and parks.
Wander down the wide avenues of Collins and Burke streets
for old-school architecture that'll make your eyes pop.
Then hop on a tram -
Melbourne has the most extensive streetcar network in the world.
No other space in the city says Melbourne
like Federation Square.
Overlooked by Flinders Street Station and St Paul's Cathedral,
'Fed Square' does what Melbourne does best,
artfully blending the elegance of yesteryear with edgy, modern design.
While you're at 'Fed Square',
grab a ticket to one of Melbourne's hippest museums,
The Australian Center of the Moving Image.
At ACMI, discover the rich history of Aussie cinema
and explore the interactive possibilities of tomorrow. 
And don't forget to head underground to the Melbourne Visitor Center,
for the low-down on what's up, in Melbourne.  
Just across the Yarra is Southbank.
Check out the public art, shopping and dining,
or just hang out with locals and watch the river, slide on by.
While you're at Southbank,
ride the elevator to the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower,
named after the famous 18th-century miners rebellion.
The 360 degree views from the observation deck are pure gold.
Closer to earth, but just as heavenly,
are the artworks and stained-glass ceiling
at the nearby National Gallery of Victoria.  
The city's great paintings are not confined to its galleries.
Melbourne rates with New York and Berlin
as one of the world capitals of street art.
Wander the inner city lane-ways
with street art lovers from all over the world.
You may even catch an artist at work.  
If Melbourne has a fragrance, it's the aroma of roasting coffee beans.
In this city, great coffee, food, and fashion are not luxuries,
but the essentials for daily life.
Spend a morning exploring the hundreds of stalls at Queen Victoria Market.
Sample the region's finest and freshest produce,
and witness first-hand just how seriously Melbournians take their food. 
Melbourne can thank its immigrants for developing
the city's taste buds.
Peek into the lives of the newcomers who helped shape Melbourne's culture
at the Immigration Museum. 
Then taste the cuisines they introduced to Australia
in famous food strips like Lygon Street and Acland Street.
Just a short roll from the patisseries of
Acland Steet is Luna Park,
the bayside fun-fair that's been putting a smile on Melbourne since 1912.
Take a ride on one of the world's oldest roller coasters,
but be sure to let those pastries settle first!   
From St Kilda, follow the boardwalk south
to where the true giants of Melbourne architecture await -
the Bathing Boxes of Brighton Beach.
This row of heritage listed boxes
is one of the most photographed spots Downunder.
When it comes to presentation, Melbourne has the Midas Touch,
whether it be in the sharp lookin' displays of The Melbourne Museum,
the breathtaking exhibits of the city's aquarium,
or just life's simpler pleasures.
Welcome to Melbourne,
where everything is done with style, passion, and a whole-lotta-cool.


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