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Welcome to Trading Nation, I'm Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
let's take a look at Apple.
Because the stock is on track for its best week in over a year,
this after straight weeks of loses.
So, should investors trust this bounce?
Larry McDonald publishes The Bear Traps Report
and Phil Striegels is with RJO futures.
Phil, what do you think?
You know I'm not completely sold on Apple
if you look at the performance for the year
we're only up about 1% whereas the NASDAQ
the board index is up 5.
You know it's a tough game being a tactical trader,
picking one stock out.
You know Apple could face a lot of headwinds,
we do have that, you know potential suit that could go down
is the result of them lagging some of the phones out there.
It's just too much companies specific risk.
I think you'd be better of looking at the complete NASDAQ,
and looking at the entire market, the board diversification.
Larry, what do you think?
Well, keep in mind, Apple has one of the largest bond portfolios
on the planet Earth, I mean, Apple's bond portfolios is bigger than
many mutual funds, and you know rates have just
gone up on ten years, from 2% to near 3%.
So they've got some mark-to-market losses there
and the equity market cap is 900 billion dollars.
And the way trade Apple over the years is,
every like 18 months or so Apple goes on sale,
and literally in 2013 nobody wanted to buy this stock, nobody.
And it had like a 40% draw down because of
a transition in the business.
So you have to wait for that moment for Apple,
you can't chase Apple up at 900 billion dollars market cap
make no senses, it's screaming seller.
OK, and wait for much better entry point.
Gentlemen, thank so much. Our thanks to Larry and Phil.



【CNBC】蘋果股票年度表現最佳一週,投資人是否該相信這次反彈? (Apple Having Its Best Week In Over A Year. But Should You Trust The Bounce? | Trading Nation | CNBC)

264 分類 收藏
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