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  • It's New Year's, and you brought the younger one here too.

  • I can't take this anymore.

  • I am her mom.

  • I brought her here for New Year's. What's the problem?

  • I'm not going to raise someone else's kid.

  • I'm Wenya's father. I should take care of her.

  • Where would I send her to?

  • Her own mother doesn't want her.

  • Why do I have to let her in?

  • It's not your home, no one wants you!

  • Jingjing, why is it that we have two homes when other kids seem to only have one?

  • HmMama said that we'll understand when we're older.

  • Dad, what's wrong?

  • Your mother's in the hospital.

  • Wenya, one day if I'm not here anymore,

  • you need to take care of yourself.

  • So no matter how hard things get, I know we can all get through it.

  • Why couldn't, why couldn't I have had a family that was whole?

  • Auntie, why is life always so full of suffering?

  • Almighty God's words very clearly explain the root of people's pain in life.

  • Let's take a look at His words together. Then you'll see.

  • You need to know that God is with us now.

  • The Church is our true family.

  • We're no longer alone.

It's New Year's, and you brought the younger one here too.


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A1 初級 美國腔

上帝是好的|全能的上帝給了我一個幸福的家庭|基督教電影預告片 "我的家在哪裡" (God Is Good | Almighty God Gave Me a Happy Family | Christian Movie Trailer "Where Is My Home")

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