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  • The city ofrida is the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan.

    梅里達市,是墨西哥猶加敦州的 首府

  • While much of the peninsula is famed for its resorts,

    雖然猶加敦半島大部分地區都是渡假村 並以此聞名

  • Meérida is the epicentre of Yucatan culture,


  • history, and, Mayan pride.


  • At the city's heart is Plaza Grande.


  • This relaxed square is surrounded by some of the city's most beautiful buildings,

    這座氣氛悠閒的廣場,是由城市內一些最美麗的建築 所圍繞

  • many built from the sun-baked stones of the great Mayan temples which once stood here.

    許多偉大的馬雅神廟曾佇立於此 而這些美麗的建築,有許多就是由神廟的石材建成

  • Facing the square is Merida's oldest building,


  • Casa de Montejo, built by the city's founding Conquistador.

    蒙特荷之家 由征服城市的先鋒所建

  • Step inside the shady courtyards and lavish interiors of this residence,

    走進樹蔭遮蔽的庭院,並欣賞 奢華的內部裝潢

  • home of the Montejo dynasty for over four centuries.

    蒙特荷家族曾在此居住 超過 4 個世紀

  • Just across the square risesrida Cathedral,


  • whose massive altarpiece symbolises the eventual reconciliation

    教堂內龐大的祭壇裝飾,象徵著 馬雅人與西班牙人之間

  • between the Maya and the Spanish peoples.


  • Right next door,


  • discover modern sculptures, at the Contemporary Art Museum,

    就是展出現代雕塑的 當代美術館

  • which proudly displays works by some of the region's most popular and thought-provoking artists.

    館內壯觀的藝術作品,來自當地一些 最知名也最發人省思的藝術家

  • Radiating from Plaza Grande are pastel streets filled with architectural treasures and cool parks.

    色彩繽紛的街道,以大廣場為中心向外延伸 街上滿是建築瑰寶與涼爽的公園

  • Just a block away, relax with locals in Hidalgo Park,


  • an oasis surrounded by cafes, restaurants and charming hotels.

    公園是座由咖啡廳、餐廳與迷人飯店 所圍繞的綠洲

  • From here it's just a few steps to The Jose Peon Contreras Theatre,

    離公園僅幾步之遙,就是 荷西裴隆康特拉斯劇院

  • the home of the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra.


  • In the late 1800s, Yucatan became the centre of henequen production,

    19 世紀末期,猶加敦成為 龍舌蘭產品的產製中心

  • and Merida fast became one of the world's wealthiest cities.

    梅里達因此快速晉身為 世界上最富有的城市之一

  • Take a walk up Paseo de Montejo,


  • an avenue inspired by the great boulevards of Paris,

    這條大街的構想 來自華麗的巴黎大道

  • where Yucatan's elite built their stately homes.


  • Pay a visit to Casa Montes Molina,


  • a mansion preserved down to its very last detail,


  • and experience the scents and patinas of a bygone era.

    繚繞室內的香氣、點綴傢俱的銅綠 帶您回到過往時光

  • rida is filled with windows into the past, including its many museums,

    梅里達隨處可見的古蹟,宛如歷史之窗,讓我們得以一窺過去 而眾多博物館,也正是其中一扇歷史之窗

  • which cover everything from Yucatan song to the folk arts of Mexico.

    從猶加敦民謠到墨西哥民俗藝術 這裡都找得到

  • Just a short walk south from Plaza Grande is the Museum of The City of Merida,

    從大廣場往南步行幾分鐘 梅里達市立博物館就出現在眼前

  • which charts the rich and sometimes turbulent history of Yucatan's capital.

    館內展出猶加敦首府多采多姿,但有時動盪不安的 過往歷史

  • Once the residence of a former governor and general,


  • Palacio Cantón is now home to Yucatan's Anthropology and History Museum.

    現在則是猶加敦的 人類學暨歷史博物館

  • While nearby, the Great Museum of the Mayan World


  • creates a striking contrast torida's historic streetscapes.

    外表風格與梅里達 古色古香的街景形成強烈對比

  • The building was inspired by the form of the sacred ceiba tree,

    建築靈感來自象徵神聖的 木棉樹外型

  • which the Maya believed was a bridge to the heavens and the underworld.

    馬雅人相信,木棉樹是連結 天堂與地下世界的橋樑

  • Inside, its collections are the perfect gateway to a civilisation,

    館內收藏是讓您通往馬雅文明大道的 最佳起點

  • which has long captured the imaginations of explorers and anthropologists.

    長久以來,馬雅文明吸引著探險家與人類學家投以 無限的想像

  • One such adventurer was the Englishman, Frederick Catherwood.

    其中一位探險家,是來自英國的 卡塞伍德

  • Step into the explorer's historic residence to see his lithographs of lost Mayan cities,

    進入卡塞伍德的舊日居所 欣賞他所繪的失落馬雅城版畫

  • which when published in the 1800s,

    這些作品出版於 19 世紀

  • created a sensation all over the world.


  • When it's time to take your own Mayan adventure, hit the road.

    當您展開馬雅探險之旅的時候到了 就動身吧

  • Just ten miles north ofrida, are the Dzibilchaltun Ruins.

    梅里達北邊十英哩之處 就是季比喬頓馬雅遺址

  • Or take the forty-minute drive south to Mayapan,

    或是往南約 40 分鐘車程,前往馬雅潘

  • the Mayan capital from the 13th to the 15th centuries.

    這裡是馬雅族 13 至 15 世紀的首都

  • The deeper you venture into Yucatan, the greater the reward.

    您越深入探索猶加敦 收穫就越是精彩豐富

  • An hour's drive southwest from Mayapan are the hills of Puuc.

    從馬雅潘出發,往西南方約 1 小時車程 即可抵達普克山

  • Here you'll find the incredibly ornate ruins of Uxmal,

    您在這裡,將發現驚人且華美的 烏斯馬爾遺址

  • where the Pyramid of the Magician looms high above the expansive Governor's Palace.

    魔術師金字塔從高處 俯視占地廣闊的總督宮

  • In Yucatan, all roads eventually lead to Chichén Itza,


  • the most famous of all the Mayan cities.


  • Walk across the blood-soaked ball court, where opposing teams literally played for their lives.

    走過曾沾滿鮮血的球場 由敵對者組成的球隊,在這裡以生命踢完每一場球賽

  • Wander through a forest of stone at the Court of a Thousand Columns.

    漫步走過石柱密布的 千柱石林

  • Then, let your gaze climb the staircase of El Castillo,

    然後,讓您的視線沿著卡斯蒂略金字塔的 階梯而上

  • and you'll soon appreciate why these ancient ruins are considered one of the world's great wonders.

    您很快就會明白,為何人們讚嘆這些古老遺址 並將其名列為世界奇蹟

  • The heat and humidity of Yucatan can be fierce,


  • so when the Mexican sun starts to climb,


  • escape underground into the incredible caves of Calcehtok.

    就該躲進令人驚嘆的 卡爾塞托克洞穴了

  • The Yucatan Peninsula has also been blessed with an incredible network of over 6000 cenotes.

    上天賜予猶加敦半島 超過 6000 個地下湧泉沉洞 (Cenote),構成綿密水網

  • For the ancient Maya, these clear subterranean pools provided water for their cities.

    對於古馬雅人來說,這些清澈的地下水池 提供了城市所需的水資源

  • And some, such as the Sacred Cenote of Chichén Itza,

    而另有一些水池,像是奇琴伊察的 聖泉

  • were considered portals to the afterlife.


  • Today, many of these cenotes are the perfect place to cool off.

    現在,這些天然水池 是最棒的消暑聖地

  • But of course, there's nowhere better to wash away the Yucatan dust than back inrida,

    當然,若要洗去猶加敦的塵土 沒有任何地方比得上梅里達

  • one of the most cultural, historic and coolest cities in all of Mexico.

    這座深具文化與歷史氣息,同時也是最涼爽的 墨西哥城市

The city ofrida is the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan.

梅里達市,是墨西哥猶加敦州的 首府


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