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Hi, everybody.
I'm Miranda Kerr, and these are the five favorite things that I always carry with me
in my handbag.
I have the Noni skinfood supplement.
This is a superfood supplement.
It's so easy to travel with.
It's a single-serve sachet, so you empty this into water, and then you drink it.
It's for your skin so that you are glowing from the inside out, and it also is great
for energy.
I also carry eye drops.
Saline, of course, single-use eye drops because for some reason my eyes always attract fuzz.
Another favorite is this RMS “Un” Cover-Up Concealer.
I use twenty two.
I love it, it also has coconut oil in there, it's coconut-based, so it's really good for
you as well, and she uses organic ingredients so she's awesome!
Another little thing that I always carry in my handbag is a crystal wand.
This wand is great to use for meditation.
It's also great to use on your acupressure points.
Sometimes, actually I even like massage it on my face, like facial massage…
Last but not least, my all-time favorite product is the Noni Glow Face Oil.
This face oil is so hydrating, and it also balances the pH of your skin.
It contains rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, pomegranate oil, and noni, of course.
I use this every night after I've cleansed, mist, and moisturized, and in the morning,
I mix it with my moisturizer because it's a great base to put foundation on top of.
Your skin is just like beautiful and glowing.
These are my handbag essentials.
Be sure to tell us yours below with hashtag #JustFiveThings


米蘭達可兒(Miranda Kerr)的五個美容必備品 (Miranda Kerr's Five Beauty Essentials | Just Five Things | Byrdie)

296 分類 收藏
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