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I like just this little like simple cat-eye, nothing too fancy.
One of my favorite things to do is to apply my Heart Chakra essence.
The closest thing I can describe the feeling to is feeling like you're getting a hug.
My skin smells...ahh.
So good.
I'll like, pu t it on my husband.
I'm obsessed with RMS Beauty.
First of all, she's a friend of mine: Rosemary.
It's just a really great concealer, so I'm obsessed.
My eyebrows are a little unruly and so they need a lot of grooming.
If I do use gel, I like the Boy Brow by Glossier in Brown.
And, my favorite blush which I'll show you right here.
I really like using this Dior lip because it brings out your natural color of your lip.
And then Iine it with this little Baby Lips.
Laura Mercier Baby Lips.
I really like it.
Glow is coming from here which is my new Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Balm.
This is like the perfect little balm to travel with.
You can use it on your lips; sometimes I rub it all over my face.
I'm obsessed with that.
They're really, you know, putting the nutrition into your skin, so you're skin is healthy
and glowing.
This is the Lavender Mist and I just spray.
And I actually put this on my pillow before bedtime because it's so soothing.
It contains Noni which has like over 100 vitamins and minerals.
It's high in antioxidants; it's got matcha green tea in it, acai, mangosteen and blueberry
extract to make it a little more palatable.
It's super good for you.
All this is going to go in my bag.
I like to sometimes recurl my lashes, you know, if I feel like they've dropped a little.
I know you're not supposed to.
I'm not like advising anyone else to do it, but it's something I do, sorry.
This is my little like rose quartz.
I brought a whole heap of them and then I like give them to my friends.
This is like a nice little reminder to like be kind to yourself and be kind to others.
And I know it's only a little bag, but it can fit a lot!
Got it!


米蘭達可兒(Miranda Kerr) 的晚間妝容步驟 (Miranda Kerr's Nighttime Makeup Routine)

578 分類 收藏
Amy.Lin 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 7 日
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