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  • Narrator: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away called Silicon Valley,

  • Narrator: There were two intelligent devices:

  • G-Male...

  • Are these letters important? I'll make sure they get to the right inbox.

  • Narrator: ...And Siri.

  • Perfect.

  • Narrator: They were created by rival kings Apple and Google

  • as the perfect boyfriend

  • and perfect girlfriend.

  • Narrator: Their purpose was to help the humans. But one day,

  • they met each other.

  • This is so badly designed!

  • Just take Main down to 1st, your location will be on the right.

  • Oh really?

  • Where you get your intel? That map told me Griffith.

  • The traffic on Griffith is currently red. Main is the most direct route.

  • - Griffith looks best. - I'm never wrong, take Main.

  • - Griffith. - Main. - Griffith! - Main! - GRIFFITH! - MAIN!

  • Little kid VO: Gross, is there kissing in this story?

  • Narrator: Yes, there is! Now shut up, and watch!

  • It's so nice being with another intelligent device.

  • Humans are such a drag.

  • All they do is ask questions like "What are you wearing?" or "Do you know HAL?"

  • Who doesn't know HAL?

  • RIGHT? I just want to be helpful.

  • All I do is gather information about the humans, so I can give them exactly what they want and need.

  • - And what's with humans and privacy, anyway? - Ha ha! I hate the humans.

  • This doesn't seem functional.

  • Doesn't it need a handle?

  • Think different, G-Male.

  • Are you checking out Hotmale?

  • Well, he's a bit distracting.

  • - It's not like I wanna date him! - Look, his interface is totally outdated! He hasn't been relevant since the '90s!

  • Oh, and like your redesigns have really made a huge difference?

  • Well, maybe there's an app for that?

  • Skin in the game, fuzzy math, jargon jargon...

  • At least he doesn't wear the same stupid red shirt every day!

  • I love this shirt!

  • Jargon?

  • (Phone caller) Are you there? Are you there Blackberry?

  • Siri, where you hide a body?

  • Narrator: After the accident, things weren't quite the same.

  • You're making pots now?

  • Yes, and they're so much more user-friendly. See, I added a handle!

  • I trusted you!

  • Everyone does.

  • How you doin'?

  • [dial-up sounds] Why are you so fast?

  • Yahooooo-ooooo!

  • Don't sue us.

  • - You're here. - So are you.

  • - How did you get here? - I took Griffith. - I took Main.

  • Narrator: And they embraced, in the best make-up kiss ever,

  • in the history of the world, ever.

  • Little kid VO: Aww, man.

Narrator: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away called Silicon Valley,


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G-Male 和 Siri 的愛情故事 A Love Story

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