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  • We like the breeze flow straight out of our lids

  • Them they got moved by these hard-rock Brooklyn kids

  • Us flow a rush when the DJ's boomin classics

  • You dig the crew on the fattest hip hop records

  • He touch the kinks and sinks into the sounds

  • She frequents the fatter joints called undergrounds

  • Our funk zooms like you hit the Mary Jane

  • They flock to booms man boogie had to change

  • Who freaks the clips with mad amount percussion

  • Where kinky hair goes to unthought-of dimensions

  • Why's it so fly cause hip hop kept some drama

  • When Butterfly rocked the light blue-suede Pumas

  • What by the cut we push it off the corner

  • How was the buzz entire hip hop era?

  • Was fresh in fact since they started sayin outie

  • Cause funks made fat from right beneath my hoodie

  • The puba of the styles like miles and shit

  • Like sixties funky worms with waves and perms

  • Just sendin junky rhythms right down ya block

  • We be to rap what key be to lock... but

  • I'm cool like dat I'm cool... I'm cool...

  • We be the chocolates taps on my raps

  • She innovates at the sweeta cat naps

  • He at the funk club with the vibrate

  • Them they be crazy down with the? five plate?

  • It can kick a plan then a crowd burst

  • Me I be diggin it with a bump verse

  • Us we be freakin til dawn blinks an eye

  • He gives the strangest smile so I say hi (wassup)

  • Who understood yeah understood the plan

  • Him heard a beat and put it to his hands

  • What I just flip let borders get loose

  • How to consume or they'll be just like juice

  • If it's the shit we'll lift it off the plastic

  • The babes'll go spastic

  • Hip hop gains a classic

  • Pimp playin shock it dont matter I'm fatter

  • Ax Butta how I zone (man Cleopatra Jones)

  • And

  • I'm chill like dat I'm chill... I'm chill...

  • Blink.blink.blink.blink.blink.blink.blink...

  • Think.think.think.think.think.think.think...

  • We get ya free cause the clips be fat boss

  • Them they're the jams and commence to goin off

  • She sweats the beat and ask me cause she puffed it

  • Me I got crew kids seven and a crescent

  • Us cause a buzz when the nickel bags are dealt

  • Him thats my man with the asteroid belt

  • They catch a fizz from the Mr. Doodle-big

  • He rocks a tee from the Crooklyn non-pigs

  • The rebirth of slick like my gangsta stroll

  • You used to find a bug in a box with fade

  • Now he boogies up your stage plaits twist or braids

  • And

  • I'm peace like dat I'm Peace

  • Check it out man I groove like dat

  • I'm smooth like dat

  • I jive like dat

  • I roll like dat

  • Yeah I'm thick like dat

  • I stack like dat

  • I'm down like dat

  • I'm black like dat

  • Well yo I funk like dat

  • I'm fat like dat

  • I'm in like dat

  • Cause I swing like dat

  • We jazz like dat

  • We freak like dat

  • We zoom like dat

  • We out... we out...

We like the breeze flow straight out of our lids


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B2 中高級 美國腔

可挖掘的行星 - 重生的光滑(酷像達)。 (Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat))

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