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  • Alright so for the couple of months since Microsoft announced Microsoft Flight.

  • There has been a lot of confusion as to what exactly is Microsoft Flight.

  • Is it a simulator, is it arcade, is it Mario flight, is it Pilot Wings Microsoft?

  • And really there just hasn't been a lot of accurate information out there on the internet about what Microsoft Flight actually is.

  • So this video is going to be basically me walking through you a simple demonstration of what Microsoft Flight actually is.

  • Now once you remove a lot of the training wheels and the helpers, it makes things l lot more difficult and complex

  • Right now im having to apply right rudder to account for the torque of the engine as I was taking off.

  • You can see that a little bit. Rudder pedals definitely do help.

  • And a you will notice that right now since I have FRAPS going recording this session its locked at 30FPS.

  • but without that even on my system witch is not the highest range im still locked at around 60FPS

  • with everything pritty much cranked up tp maximum and it performs amazingly well.

  • Similar setup and the same computer in FSX I get about 20FPS. In Flight I get about 60FPS

  • A new thing with the Mouse Look is that if you hold down the middle mouse button and move to the side

  • you can actually move your point of view. This helps a lot during landing and take off and is covered in training missions.

  • With the big old radial engine up front craking out a lot of noise and burning gas

  • you really dont get a good feel for some of the sounds so lets turn that off

  • and lets listen to some of the effects

  • kick a little bit of rudder in there you that coming from the air stream thats coming from the side.

  • A little right rudder. This thing drops like a rock without the engine going.

  • Alright, here we are up here.

  • Here is the observatory. You can see that there are some locations that are absolutely gorgeous up here in Hawaii.

  • There is a lot to explore, and a lot to do.

  • Even on the, someone joined me. You can see him off there, taking off.

  • alright, lets check out this observatory.

  • That right there is an aerocache. You can see "Low Oxygen" is the name of the aercache.

  • Again, a lot of people are pointing at these saying "hay this is proof that Microsoft Flight is an arcade game"

  • Anybody can ignore these but they are kinda cool because they tell you a little bit about the history of Hawaii

  • there is a little bit of information on them but in order to find some of them your going to have to look them up on

  • a search engine. Maybe Microsoft Bing? A little plug there.

  • But they are just a fun little added thing that you can go around and collect.

  • Some of them are a little bit harder to get to then others.

  • Lets just go ahead and snag this one.

  • You dont have to hit it. You just have to get close to it.

  • There we go. Got it.

  • You can also get a good feeling for the detail the team at Microsoft Flight has really put into some of the ground locations.

  • I really do consider this DLC pack, and the free DLC pack to be on par with a lot of the FSX 3rd party stuff like OrbX Pacific North West.

  • I do think a bit of an edge because they have a little bit of a free leash to do what they want without consideration for performance

  • Even though OrbX does a great job in keeping performance high

  • But considering this is free, its really good.

  • Youll see in the upper right hand corner the stall. Because the air is thin up here and I dont have a lot of power at the moment

  • I really have fly this aircraft to keep it from stalling, and fly it properly.

  • You can also see in the upper left hand corner the cross wind gauge.

  • I have seen up to a 36knt cross wind up here and you really feel it.

  • I have seen up to a 36knt cross wind up here and you really feel it.

  • You can really FEEL your aircraft. Microsoft has done a great job in getting you to feel Flight.

  • Even though you dont have that force giving you feedback, you really do feel the aircraft is being effected my forces.

  • Right now im in a dive and again its one of those feelings that once your aircraft starts to approach its red line

  • Right now im in a dive and again its one of those feelings that once your aircraft starts to approach its red line

  • You really start to feel that it wants you to back off the throttle as your aircraft starts bucking.

  • Things start to shake around, you start to feel that "hay you going too fast"

  • The top HUD is another one of those things that a lot of people point to and say "Hay thats Arcade!"

  • but honestly its just helping you in a sense that your not actually in an aircraft and your not effected by the physical forces.

  • Its giving you a visual input of what that you would normally have in a real aircraft.

  • Again, you can turn it off, there is an option for that.

  • Just to let you know while its loading up, I have most of the what I call "training wheels" or flight aids turned off except the auto mixture.

  • Alright, ** I cant even understand myself in most of this**

  • Again, I need to account for prop torque, or engine torque.

  • Nice take off

  • In these later DLC aircraft is the inclusion of VOR and ILS. If you dont know what that is, you dont need to.

  • It would be nice to learn that later on because its definitely something your going to want to learn is navigation

  • VOR is navigation and ILS is Instrument Landing System for when things are dark or foggy.

  • They are right here, and the radio's are fully supported. You can dial in whatever frequency of the airport you want and the VOR will take you too it.

  • Again this can be as realistic as you want, or as arcade as you want.

Alright so for the couple of months since Microsoft announced Microsoft Flight.


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