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  • Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin.

    哈囉各位,歡迎收看 Life Noggin 頻道。

  • I'm pretty lucky.


  • As long as my animator doesn't turn off his computer, I can stay up all night and never have to worry about sleeping when I wanna watch, wellquite frankly way too many youtube videos.

    只要我的動畫製作者不將電腦關機,我便可以徹夜未眠,也無須在自己想看影片時煩惱睡眠問題,畢竟坦白說,有太多值得看的 YouTube 影片啦!

  • You humans aren't so fortunate though.


  • Some of you even tell me you have trouble getting to bed!


  • So why can it be so hard to fall asleep?


  • Well, to begin, you humans fall asleep by going from a state of being awake to unconscious sleep.


  • We're a little unclear on the exact process, but basically it starts when you're winding down and your brain exhibits some alpha activity.

    我們對整個過程的細節有點不清楚,但基本上睡眠開始於你放鬆身心,且大腦充滿著 α 波的狀態。

  • You eventually enter stage 1 of sleep, where your brain waves slow down and theta-band activity is introduced, with some bursts of alpha activity still occurring.

    最終你會進入睡眠的第一階段,此時你的腦波減慢並轉為 θ 波,同時也仍有些 α 波的產生。

  • Later comes stage 2, where the alpha activity dies down.

    接著來到第二階段, α 波將完全消失。

  • Then there are stages 3 and 4, characterized by delta waves.

    第三與第四階段的特徵則是腦波以 δ 波為主。

  • Finally, you enter the REM stage of sleep, where dreaming is often reported, while you're there you can have awesome adventures with your favorite animation!


  • You can spend the rest of the night cycling between different stages.


  • But why can sleep be so difficult sometimes?


  • Well, aside from worrying about that one thing that you did in middle school several years ago it might have something to do with what you're eating.


  • Drinks and food with caffeine can cause sleep disturbances, especially when you have them closer to bedtime.


  • Protein could also be the culprit.


  • It's an important nutrient for the body, but can be harder to break down and digest than other foods.


  • That, along with it containing tyrosine, an amino acid that aids neurotransmitter production, may make it hard to get some rest if you have a bunch of protein before bed.


  • So put down that protein shake dude. You really don't need it. Just go to bed!


  • We all know that it can be harder for you humans to fall asleep if there is a bunch of loud noise going on, but some people say it might also be difficult if it's too quiet.


  • Having your thermostat set too high or low might also lead to some late night restlessness.


  • And if you find it hard to get some Z's, you might be a werewolf!


  • Well, probably not, but a recent study did find that people might have a harder time sleeping during a full moon.


  • Their participants took about 5 minutes longer to fall asleep, had a 30% decrease in deep sleep, and slept around 20% less when there was a full moon.

    此實驗的參與者在月圓時,比平常多花了 5 分鐘的時間入睡,且減少了 30% 的深度睡眠,同時睡眠長度亦少了 20 %。

  • Maybe that's why those lycanthropes are always hungry.


  • They're just tired!


  • So if you do have trouble falling asleep, the National Sleep Foundation has some tips.


  • They say to carve out about 30 minutes to wind down before you go to bed and try to disconnect from your electronics.

    像是在睡前保留約略 30 分鐘的時間來放鬆自己並嘗試遠離你的電子產品。

  • But obviously, you know, finish this video first!


  • Maybe try a breathing or relaxation exercise and do your best to wake up around the same time everyday.


  • I'm pretty sure my research team is going to get a whole bunch of ads for a new bed after doing research for this video.


  • So do you have any tips for falling asleep?


  • Let me know in the comments below!


  • And if you enjoyed this video then you're definitely gonna wanna check out the video we did on how much sleep you really need.


  • With the study that looked at older adults, researchers found that sleeping less than 8 hours or more than 10 hours a night was associated with the higher likelihood of health caring use.


  • As always, I'm Blocko and this has been Life Noggin.

    還是老樣子,我是 Blocko ,這裡是 Life Noggin 頻道。

  • Don't forget to keep on thinking!


Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin.

哈囉各位,歡迎收看 Life Noggin 頻道。

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