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  • All right let's see.

  • New novel, new novel, new novel.

  • What's it about?

  • What's it about?

  • A guy...

  • A guy who loses everything

  • but finds his soul

  • in Canada.

  • All right

  • We're cooking now.

  • Cooking now.

  • And the whole book is an e-mail

  • to his daughter,

  • who's dead.

  • And his name will be Norm Hull.

  • Because he's just a normal guy.

  • But not everybody will get that.

  • That's just for the scholars a hundred years from now.

  • Okay, Rupert, you ready to go for a drive?

  • Oh, my God, Rupert. This is such a thrill!

  • Look at me, l'm driving.

  • l'm driving a real car! I don't believe it!

  • Well, l'd say we need to put on some tunes.

  • Hey, welcome back to Weenie and The Butt an 97.1

  • Ninety seven point one

  • Ooh! Weenie and The Butt.

  • Just like the grown-ups listen to.

  • And that was Baby by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris

  • which means it's time to give away some Justin Bieber tickets!

  • Oh, That's right, Butt. Our fifth caller will win those tickets!

  • Hey, you know what, Rupert?

  • You know what I should do, just, like, as a goof?

  • I should try to win those Justin Bieber tickets

  • just so I can, like, tear them up or use them to go to the concert.

  • It's ringing, Rupert. lt's ringing.

  • Uuh, I'm too nervous. They're celebrities. You talk to them.


  • Oh, God.

  • Oh, my God. l'm in so much trouble.

  • TH E BUTT: Congratulations. You 're caller number five.

  • You 're going to see Justin Bieber!

  • HERBERT: Oh, sweet Jesus! Yes! Jesse, I won!

  • Never say never!

  • Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Brian's gonna be so mad at me.

  • What am I gonna do?

  • Okay, it's all right.

  • I'll just get a little bit of paint and cover up the dents.

  • Unattractive women do it all the time.

  • You look pretty today, Carol.

  • Thanks.

  • lt's probably just the dress and the makeup.

  • Now that I look closer, yeah, I think that's what it is, too.

All right let's see.


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家有一老如有一寶|《家有一老》EP 4 (Stewie goes for a ride | Family Guy S10 EP 4)

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