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  • Hey guys, it's Ro welcome to my home, today i'm gonna take you on a tour of my new place.


  • Some of you know that I moved in earlier in the year. I just got settled.


  • But before we start, a big thank you to Amazon for sponsoring and collaborating with me to make this video possible.


  • I don't know about you guys, but i'm always ordering


  • stuff on amazon and some of the furniture and items you'll see in my house, I ordered from amazon


  • So i'll put a link down below to all of those items so you can check them out if you want now without further ado


  • Come on innn


  • The first thing that you'll see in my house is the entryway. I always like to keep a console in the entryway


  • Especially ones with drawers cause


  • You can keep things that you grab right before you run out the door. For example, I like to take


  • My dog cookie on walks everyday


  • So I keep her little harness and leash and even her doggie


  • seatbelt in this draw. This thing is so cool i'ma put a link down below but


  • you just click it into your seat belt just like you would a human and it keeps them safe while you're driving!


  • I also like to keep a bowl as a catch-all just to throw


  • Your keys or phone in when you're coming or going so that you don't lose, them because I am notorious for losing


  • My keys and my phone one more thing that I like to have in the entryway is a big mirror so you can

    我的鑰匙和我的手機 還有一樣東西,我喜歡在入口處有一個大鏡子,這樣你就可以。

  • Check yourself before you run out the door, and be like oh good i don't have any boogers in my


  • Nose i could head out for the day then over here is the formal dining room where i just had thanksgiving

    我可以出去一天,然後在這裡是正式的餐廳 我剛剛吃過感恩節。

  • Let's go check it out this is where a lot of eating goes down i like to host for the holidays we also use this

    我們去看看吧 這是很多人吃飯的地方 我喜歡過節的時候做客 我們也用這個

  • Room for a meeting room and we fit?


  • 17 of us in here so this room is also perfect for my family because i have a very large family the style of this


  • House is cape cod it has a very clean fresh look, that i fell in love with, also another


  • Style detail throughout the house as the whole house has a beautiful hardwood floors and i had to learn that you need area rugs because


  • There's a ton of echo and dirt the rug that i found in this room is one of my?


  • Favorite rug it is so soft when i put it in the room cookie


  • My, little dog she went under here and was taking a


  • Nap and i couldn't get her to come out so i had to crawl under there to get her and i was like?


  • Oh, this is actually really cozy and i curl up in a ball and i like took a

    哦,這實際上是真的舒適 我蜷縮在一個球,我喜歡把一個

  • Nap, with her on this rug this room, also used to be a lot


  • Darker when i moved in i took off the wallpaper i painted it a


  • Brighter color and i picked this or but she and alire i love it because it's clean it's


  • Bright, and even though it's big it's very


  • See-through, so it doesn't feel like it's blocking off the room alright that's it for the dining room now

    透視式的,這樣就不會覺得擋住了房間 好了,餐廳就到這裡吧

  • Let's move on let's go to the kitchen one of my favorite rooms yeah i feel like this is the heart of my

    讓我們繼續前進,讓我們去廚房 我最喜歡的房間之一 是的,我覺得這是心臟的我的。

  • Home it's where i spend the most time i am always baking and cooking in this kitchen


  • This kitchen with all the appliances and gadgets is a foodies dream come


  • True one of the things that i love about this room, is that the kitchen is an open floor concept

    真正的事情之一,我喜歡這個房間, 是,廚房是一個開放的地板概念。

  • Leaving into the living room it's like, one big entertainment space


  • Which is something i love because i love having people over just a layer this


  • Year i had 50 people between the kitchen and the living room they were all over for a tv finale party

    那年,我有50個人在廚房和客廳之間 他們都在參加一個電視決賽的聚會。

  • Whenever i'm having get-togethers people tend to hang out in the kitchen it's


  • Where all the yummy food is one of my favorite pieces of furniture that i found and the entire house are


  • These chairs when i moved in i had really old director's chairs they were falling apart


  • These screws were coming out the fabric had been completely stretched and they were really crickety like

    這些螺絲釘出來的時候 布料已經被完全拉長了 它們真的像蟋蟀一樣

  • And i needed, some new chairs i love that they have a director chair vibe but they're, way more


  • Comfortable so if the guest comes over to bake with


  • Me their friends our family or manager can just sit here and watch as


  • We film over here is usually my coffee station


  • my Coffee machine broke so it is being fixed but it shall be back soon

    我的 咖啡機壞了,所以正在修理,但很快就會回來。

  • Over here is a foodies fridge dream this is the largest

    這裡是一個美食家的冰箱夢 這是最大的。

  • refrigerator i've ever see it in my life i you could fit i could fit in here

    冰箱,我從來沒有見過它在我的生活中 我,你可以適應 我可以在這裡適合的

  • You could fit probably four of me i'm pretty sure i can't even reach the top shelf over here is the main island

    你大概能裝下我四個人 我很確定我連最上面的架子都夠不著 這裡是主島。

  • Where i do all of the food prep there is a ton of storage built in when i first moved into the house


  • We actually built additional storage, we have built-in recycling bins and garbage we actually


  • Move the sink from the center of this island over into the corner this is as big as my bathtub


  • And over in this corner of the kitchen, we have a warming drawer this came in handy for thanksgiving you

    在廚房的這個角落裡,我們有一個溫暖的抽屜 這是在感恩節時派上用場的。

  • Make, fresh rolls and you, want to keep something warm, while the other food is being prepared i also have a, little pestle and mortar


  • Classic great for grinding up spices and herbs then over here at the stove


  • One of the features that i wanted in a dream kitchen, was to have a pasta arm if you're


  • Someone like me who cooks a lot of pasta and eats a lot of pasta this is so handy cuz


  • Usually i would have to take, my pot and fill it up at the sink and then


  • With this, you just turn it on and fill up your pot


  • Whoo, and down here i have two ovens this


  • Is where i do most of baking for nerdy nummies right here i also have, some additional ovens down, the hallway


  • By the pantry over here


  • We have our aloe plants i love having an aloe plant in the kitchen if you love to cook or bake it is really nice


  • To, have one of these handy because if you, burn, yourself on the stove top or something


  • You, just break off a leaf and rub on your burn it helps with healing and over here is my bathtub, oh?


  • Yeah, i actually probably could fit in here and take a, little bath, and like wash my

    是啊,其實我大概可以適應在這裡 並採取,小洗澡,並像洗我的。

  • Hair i've always wanted a large farmhouse sink, because i'm cooking


  • And baking all the time and with that come a lot of dishes and then appears just


  • Microwave we've got t-rex in the corner he's just hanging out he's making sure nobody takes too paper towels dad

    微波爐裡的T-REX在角落裡閒逛 他在確保沒有人拿太多紙巾,爸爸。

  • Then he, also keeps an eye on the lemon this is from the same


  • Bowl set from the entryway that this is the large one?


  • These are lemons from my backyard from my lemon tree it produces a lot of lemons it is lemon seasoned


  • So i'm making lemon to everything and behind me is what i like to call this sunroom it is a room


  • That's right off the kitchen and you may recognize it as where i film a lot of challenges and games with


  • My, friends there are so many wonderful memories in this room this is like my happy place

    我的朋友們,在這個房間裡有很多美好的回憶 這就像我的幸福地一樣。

  • Not only all the fun videos that i get a film with, my friends in here but i threw, my parents


  • A 40th wedding anniversary party and this is where their wedding


  • Cake, was and it was just so special so this is my happy rustic sunroom, now, let's go check out the living room


  • Which is right off the kitchen we're in the living room and it's only a few steps from the kitchen it has two themes


  • Slow and cozy, i wanted people to be able to move around easily because i entertain a lot


  • And all the furniture i picked out is super cozy, i've two really, big oversized linen chairs cuz


  • I love to cuddle with cooking


  • By the fireplace a house came with a really big oversized fireplace


  • And i love that especially for the holidays and for the first time ever i have a round coffee


  • Table i wasn't sure if i'd like it or not until i saw it in place i've hosted so many board game nights

    我不知道我是否會喜歡它,直到我看到它的地方 我已經主持了這麼多的棋盤遊戲之夜

  • Along, this table and it is awesome?


  • Everyone can sit around the table, no one feels left out cuz


  • Everybody is equal distance away, from the board, also side note if you. Guys, hear, snoring it's because cookie fell asleep right here


  • Just like the dining room this carpet in the living room is so


  • Soft i also put a foam carpet mat underneath it so it's soft on top it's soft underneath i basically


  • Feel like i'm on like one of those like, bouncy


  • Gymnastic like soft floors and lastly the color color that i've been liking lately is gray


  • White and blush so you'll see a bunch of those colors now, let me show


  • You the backyard it opens up through here and i bet cookies gonna, wake up for this she loves going side


  • Tees up the doors on the side of the living room that go to the backyard


  • What's really, neat about them as they you can just open up one door, like this and just go out


  • Oh, cookies already, look at her hoodie are you, gonna help mommy come here, oh there she goes okay?


  • Bye cookie or another option a, whole wall can be open?


  • Like that and then you just squish it together


  • Here is the backyard i'll give you a quick walk around


  • behind me there's a pool hot tub or the sport court over on that side and i have a bunch of plants i have

    在我身後有一個游泳池 熱水池或運動場 在那一邊,我有一堆的植物,我有。

  • hydrangeas, i have an avocado tree i really need to get another avocado tree because i only have one and they really like to be


  • Together they don't do, well alone


  • Kind of its kind of it's kind of like, me over here i have a lime


  • Tree this is a bears lime


  • And then on this side is a lemon tree this is a meyer lemon?


  • Tree a meyer lemon is sweeter than a normal tart lemon so they're great for baking especially when


  • You're! Making lemonade because the lemon is already sweet you don't need to add additional

    你是! 做檸檬水,因為檸檬已經很甜了,你不需要再額外加點什麼

  • Or more sugar and a lot of you have noticed the swans floating around in the background of my videos


  • And here they are these two little lovebirds i got these, little guys for fun for my parents 40th wedding anniversary

    這就是這兩隻小鴛鴦 我為我父母結婚40週年紀念日買了這兩隻小傢伙來取樂。

  • And they were just so cute that i kept them


  • Look, at him they're adorable and cookie loves floating around on these when i'm swimming in the pool and if she floats by you she'll

    看,看著他,他們是可愛的和cookie喜歡漂浮在這些 當我在游泳池游泳,如果她漂浮在你身邊,她會

  • Lick you on the face there's, also a fire pit, we like to hang out here, we can


  • Do, some moors drink hot cocoa get really cozy


  • Then in the corner is a cabana with a fireplace and an outdoor tv and there are speakers


  • Everywhere in my backyard i didn't know


  • this until i moved in but i turned on the tv and but they're everywhere they're in

    這直到我搬進來,但我打開電視,但 他們無處不在,他們在

  • Bushes and on the sides of trees and then the houses and they're everywhere they're speakers everywhere


  • Ah, let's go girl all right let's go back inside us go check out the office, oh?


  • cookie, and


  • here's the home office now when i


  • Originally moved in this room was a total game room there was a pool table a poker table a full built-in


  • Bar but i don't really drink and i don't really gamble so i turned it into something that i really really

    酒吧,但我真的不喝酒,我真的不賭博 所以我把它變成了我真的真的的東西。

  • Wanted i wanted a cozy, home office so that's what


  • I made there's four deaths in here they're all l-shape i love them


  • Because there's more surface area to work on so i can get so many more things then


  • Each, desk has one of these desk lamps and i love them because they look, very executive they remind, me of like a law


  • office or if i was in the library at hogwarts

    辦公室或如果我是在 圖書館在霍格沃茨

  • And in this corner of the office i have some file cabinet now before i used to keep all my files in cardboard boxes


  • they were


  • Organized but it just looked really really messy and now i feel like an adult


  • When i open, this up and i built it look what. Came with it


  • congratulations


  • You are now an adult yeah

    你現在是成年人了 是啊

  • On this side of the room


  • Is where the built-in


  • Bar used to be i had that removed and we have some work?


  • Filing cabinets a little doggie bed i wanted a white dog crate


  • So it would blend into the wainscoting around the house i just made this art for fun cuz


  • I didn't have anything to hang in the office so let me know if you actually like, any of these, we have a


  • Baker's gonna, bake in our nerdy nummies poster that


  • We made and a little rose logo the last thing i want to show


  • You in the office is right in front of the seating area and below the tv i store a bunch of the products from the