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  • Hello everyone, and welcome back to English with Lucy.

    大家好,歡迎回到 English With Lucy。

  • Today, I am going to correct an error that many of you have been making.


  • I'm gonna tell you how to say and write dates properly.


  • Now, the main thing that confuses people is the difference between American dates and British dates.


  • Americans will say the month first, then the day, then the year.


  • British people, however, will say the day first, then the month, then the year.


  • So, that's the main difference.


  • I would say my date of birth is the 10th of June 1994.

    我會說我的生日是 10th of June 1994 (1994 年 6 月 10 日)。

  • Americans would say June 10th 1994.

    美國人則會說 June 10th 1994 。

  • Now, another error that people make is, they get confused between cardinal and ordinal numbers.


  • Here are the cardinal numbers: one, two, three, four, five.


  • Then, we have the ordinal numbers: first, second, third, fourth, fifth.


  • See the difference?


  • Cardinal, ordinal.


  • Now, the abbreviation of ordinal numbers are as follows: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on.


  • And we will always use this format when writing out dates in full.


  • It's very rare to see an unabbreviated ordinal number in a written date.


  • It's just a waste of space, like many things on this planet.


  • Another error is that students often forget that we write months with a capital letter.


  • Make sure you fully understand the pronunciation of the months of the year.


  • If you have any doubts about how to learn pronunciation, you can see this video in the card above.


  • January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.


  • Which month is your favorite?


  • Comment below and tell me why.


  • So, that is how you write the date.


  • In English, the 10th of June 1994, and in American, June 10th 1994.

    英式英語用 10th of June 1994、美式英語則是 June 10th 1994。

  • Now, did you hear me when I read out the British version?


  • It's written "10th June 1994", but I said the 10th of June 1994.

    雖然寫作 10th June 1994,但是我讀出來是 the 10th of June 1994。

  • So, you don't need to write "the" and "of", but you do need to say it.

    所以寫作時,你並不需要寫下 the 和 of,但是你需要讀出它們。

  • If you say, "Um, my birthday is 10th June 1994," it sounds a bit weird; it sounds a bit forced and unnatural.

    如果你說:「我的生日是 10th June 1994」,聽起來會有些奇怪、很勉強和不自然。

  • So, you want to say, "My birth date is the 10th of June 1994."

    所以你應該要說,「我的生日是 the 10th of June 1994」。

  • In American English, this is not essential.


  • My birthday is June 10th 1994.

    我的生日是 June 10th 1994。

  • Now, something else that people tend to get really confused is how to say years.


  • With years before the millennium, 1994, we know that we split it up into 2 sections: 18, 25; 10, 66; 10, 66, for example.

    千禧年以前的年份,例如 1994 年,我們會將它分成兩個部分:18 和 25、10 和 66,舉個例字就是 10 和 66。

  • Now, when we get past the year 2000, it starts to get a little bit more complicated.

    當超過 2000 年的時候,會開始變得比較複雜。

  • Now, there are two acceptable ways of saying the dates.


  • You can say twenty and then the number.

    你可以說 twenty,然後接著說後面的數字。

  • Although, with the years before 2010, you want to say: o, nine.

    但如果是 2010 以前的年份,你就得用應文字母 o 加上 nine。

  • So you would say, twenty o eight, twenty o nine, twenty ten.

    所以我們會說 twenty o eight(2008)、twenty o nine(2009)、twenty ten(2010)。

  • Otherwise, if you say twenty nine, it sounds like the number 29.

    否則,你如果說了 twenty nine 的話,聽起來會很像數字 29。

  • So, you need to say twenty o nine.

    所以,您必須要說 twenty o nine。

  • I, however, prefer to say the full number.


  • I like to say: two thousand and seventeen.

    我會說 two thousand and seventeen(2017)。

  • The important thing that you must remember is the "and".

    你必須要記得,and 在這裡非常重要。

  • It is absolutely essential that you include the "and" when you say a date starting with the year 2000.

    當要表達 2000 年起的日期時,and 是絕對必要的。

  • Two thousand and one, two thousand and ten, two thousand and seventeen.

    Two thousand and one(2001)、two thousand and ten(2010)、two thousand and seventeen(2017)。

  • Now, did you hear I say "n", "n"?

    有聽到我說的 "n"、"n" 嗎?

  • I just add an extra syllable and go "en", "en".

    我只是加一個額外的音節,發 "en" 、 "en" 的音 。

  • Two thousand "en" one, two thousand "en" seventeen; so I'm using the schwa sound.

    Two thousand "en" one(2001)、two thousand "en" seventeen(2017),所以我是用了混母音 /ə/。

  • Two thousand "en" seventeen, two thousand "en" twelve.

    Two thousand "en" seventeen(2017)、two thousand "en" twelve(2012)。

  • So, there you have it!


  • So, there you have ityour definitive guide on how to read dates in English.


  • I hope that was useful for you; I hope you learned something.


  • Don't forget to connect with me on all of my social media.


  • You've got my Instagram and my Facebook where I host a free live pronunciation lesson every Sunday at 4:30 GMT.

    我有 Instagram、還有 Facebook,每週日下午 4 點半(GMT)都會免費直播發音課程。

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  • I will see you soon for another lesson.


Hello everyone, and welcome back to English with Lucy.

大家好,歡迎回到 English With Lucy。

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