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  • Welcome back to WhiteBoard finance. My name is Marco and I'm here to help you master your

  • money and build your wealth. If you're interested in videos about personal finance stock market

  • investing real estate and entrepreneurship. This is definitely the channel to subscribe

  • to. So if you haven't done that already please do so below. Today we're talking about the

  • 3 stocks to buy in January. So without further ado let's get into it. Number one. Caterpillar

  • Trump has proposed a one trillion dollar infrastructure plan in which he is planning to unveil January

  • of 2018. Let me repeat that one trillion dollars. That is a thousand billions. Are you kidding

  • me. If he comes anywhere near to proposing this plan and acting upon it this stock think

  • will have further growth for 2018 and beyond. Caterpillar remains the top choice for two

  • reasons.

  • It is the undisputed global leader in construction machinery. And it also has the broadest product

  • portfolio among its peers. Infrastructure goes just beyond roads and bridges you guys

  • cat has a huge competitive advantage because they play in multiple sectors. They have dominant

  • positions in mining oil gas power and transportation sectors. Even when Trump was running for his

  • presidential campaign he hinted that the construction giant cat could bag a big piece of government

  • business from these infrastructure projects once they finally kick off and it looks like

  • that's going to happen in January. Analysts expect the company to grow its earnings per

  • share by almost 40 percent over the next five years which is really good news. Let's take

  • a look at the one year growth you can see that it's right around sixty nine point eight

  • percent over the past five years. It hasn't done as well even though 63 percent is still

  • an excellent number.

  • It's been more lucrative to own cash just over the past year than in the past five.

  • So I think cat has room for growth especially if the infrastructure spending increases under

  • Trump. Number two Amazon Amazon's growth has surprisingly reach accelerated recently and

  • I think this is because the company is having a huge aggressive investment strategy and

  • it seems to be paying off revenue in its third quarter climbed 34 percent year over year

  • from last year you guys. This is huge especially for a growth company like Amazon. This acceleration

  • in revenue growth comes is because Amazon has been investing aggressively in its international

  • expansion with new fulfillment centers digital content and highly profitable aid WS which

  • stands for Amazon Web Services. This is a high margin business and I think all the digital

  • content is as well.

  • So you may be saying Hey Marco isn't Amazon expensive right now. Absolutely. But management

  • has somehow delivered time and time again with their ambitious investments and the growth

  • areas you can see this as a perfect example in the whole foods acquisition. This got them

  • into the food delivery business which I think will happen here in the next couple of years.

  • And that may even start happening by drones you guys. So you may want to pay attention

  • to that. It also got them liquor licenses so now they're selling alcohol and things

  • like that. So now they have a presence in almost every state and they're getting into

  • the food industry they're getting into pretty much every facet of someone's life. And I

  • think they're trying to make it easier through prime in one click shopping you can see here

  • out there one year growth has been about fifty seven point six percent and their five year

  • growth has been about 336.

  • So you're tripling your money and a third if you've invested in Amazon over the past

  • five years I think Amazon is one of those stocks that always looks expensive but you

  • always kind of kicked yourself in the butt. When you look in the chart and say Oh man

  • I wish I would've invested in that a few years ago. So don't let this opportunity pass you

  • by. I think Amazon's growth strategy is excellent and it's not just an idea. They executed it

  • on it. So please take a look at Amazon. Again this is just my opinion but I think it's a

  • winner for sure. Number three Intel Corp.. So Intel is actually a much different company

  • than it was just ten years ago you guys the fast growing Data Center Group now comprises

  • almost half of its total revenue.

  • So it was 45 percent in 2017. It was just 30 in 2012. So you can see in five years they

  • grew that business segment by 15 percent. Intel has also made several strategic acquisitions

  • to position itself in the future trends of AI Internet of Things in artificial intelligence.

  • Given that Intel's business is much different than just 10 years ago as I mentioned I think

  • Intel's current P E ratio is not that expensive for what it is especially if we take into

  • consideration its long term growth prospects. I believe Intel remains a good long term investment

  • choice in 2018 even despite its recent surge in share price. Take a look at this you guys.

  • The company has already devoted resources into R and D and has made several strategic

  • acquisitions including Altera mobile eye Nirvana and more videos.

  • Its acquisition of Altiero helps intel to maintain its growth and server business as

  • its server customers often will require customized chip solutions. So that's pretty cool you

  • guys. I think that this is a high margin business. I've mentioned this in my previous videos.

  • I work for a Microsoft reseller and some of the highest margin products that Microsoft

  • sells is the Azure cloud hosting that's similar to what Intel is getting into here and growing

  • that segment of the business. So you can see here the one year has been twenty seven point

  • one percent. The five year has been 112 percent. So you've doubled your money if you've invested

  • in Intel over the past five years. So in conclusion I think with Intel staying not staying away

  • from the chip market but kind of getting into that data base center with the high margins.

  • I see them as a long term growth opportunity and a stock to buy in 2013 in January. Those

  • are my three picks for January of 2018. I've done some extensive due diligence and I think

  • that those three stocks are winners for sure. Again you need to do your own due diligence

  • and not just listen to me. I'm just talking guy on YouTube please do your own research

  • and please I'm not a financial advisor so keep that in mind. With all that being said

  • I hope you got value out of this video and at least steered you in the right direction.

  • Fuga value please subscribe below and as always guys have a prosperous day.

  • Not too shabby.

Welcome back to WhiteBoard finance. My name is Marco and I'm here to help you master your


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2018年1月要買的3只股票 (3 Stocks to Buy In January 2018)

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