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MotoGP news: Valentino Rossi replacement discussed by Loris Capiro
That's the verdict of former rider Loris Capirossi. Rossi has been vague about any potential retirement date - but he will be 39 by the start of the 2018 MotoGP season.
And with thoughts beginning to turn to who could replace the legendary Italian on the track, Capirossi says there doesn't seem to be anyone who is a shoo-in to take his ride.
Valentino does not have to prove anything to anyone, we all know his talent, last year he had a bit of bad luck with the injury before Mugello and then the more serious one before Misano,” he told Gazzetta TV.
“(It) is hard to spot (a replacement) no doubt he is a great tow for motorcycling will be tough when he decides to stop” Loris Capirossi “We know that he is certainly fast, however, fighting with guys who are maybe 15-16 years younger than you is never easy, but he still wants it, has great incentives and will still be a protagonist.
“We hope that even the Yahama you help him because last year the bike was competitive at the beginning and then he got a bit lost during the season.”.
When quizzed on a replacement for Rossi, Capirossi added: “(It) is hard to spot, no doubt he is a great tow for motorcycling will be tough when he decides to stop.
“Now I have to say that Italy is churning out many new young people, his academy is bringing so many guys who are growing a lot.
(Franco) Morbidelli, who won the World Championship last year, first of all, but it is still early to think about his successor, find a character as he was and as Valentino is not easy..


MotoGP 羅西 (MotoGP news: Valentino Rossi replacement discussed by Loris Capiro)

485 分類 收藏
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