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How are you? Very nice to meet you!
Very nice to meet you, too!
-You're 7 years old? -Yes, I am
What grade do you in?
I am in second grade.
Second grade, you go to... regular school?
I go to home... well... I'm home school
but... umm... when I get a chance
I... go to regular school because on Thursday they have regular school.
Oh, that's nice. Be able to go to school once a week is really a dream come true.
Yeah! Yeah because... but I... during home school is kind of...
-Is it fun or is it bor... -boring -Oh, it's boring.
Yeah, it's boring.
Yeah.. so who teaches you? Your mom or your dad?
-My mommy and my daddy. -Your mommy and your daddy.
-Who's the better teacher? -Oh... ok...
-Probably both of them, -Oh... very diplomatic
because they're so good, my daddy's smart at math,
well, my daddy does... math and science
I see, do you like science?
Oh I love science, I'm gonna make a sea monkey.
-What? -Uh-huh
In what? A laboratory?
I heard that you like sea monkey.
I do I love sea monkeys, as matter of fact,
I had sea monkeys at one time in my life,
I have whole family of them.
-What? -Yeah
As a matter of fact, this is kind of a sad story, but I had...
they were on the sink, and in my bathroom and I was brushing my teeth
and I knocked them over and they all went into the sink.
It was like a little sea monkey holocaust. It was terrible.
Do you have a funeral for them?
Umm... no we just flushed. That was really all we did.
Yeah, it was terrible. But the moral to the story is
don't ever brush your teeth.
Yeah, I'm not going to put them near my sink.
I'm going to put them in my room.
That's the place to do it, yeah, well that's exciting
Do you like seeing yourself in the movies?
I... seeing myself on screen makes me go...
It's like what I look like from that angle?
Is that really the thing I was wearing?
It was like... really really crazy
So you don't like it, huh?
-I like it! -Oh you do like it?
-But it's kind of weird -It's a little bit weird.
And also, some of the stuff that you did in the movie
and you did a great job in the movie
but some of the stuff like you had to use curse words in the movie
-Oh... yeah... -Yeah
Did you know those words before, or did you learn them from the script?
-I learned them. -You learn them from the script
But when we were rehearsing my lines we would either go
Beep! Or we just wouldn't say them.
You wouldn't when you were rehearsing,
but when you had to say it for real was that exciting?
-Yes. -It was, yes... very exciting
And now you've said them in the movie do you continue saying those worlds in real life?
-Uh-uh -You do not.
Never? Not even with your friends?
-That door is closed. -That door is closed.
You also... that's good. You also had to give the finger in the movie, right?
Or was that something.. was that an actor's choice that you made?
I... I did it, at the helicopter.
I was using the wrong finger, I was using this finger
I was like...
Yeah, no, that doesn't mean anything.
-No, No... -Can I get another iced tea?
Can I get another ice cream?
And then somebody said you need to use the other finger.
Oh ya, well, my mom taught me, and my mom's like okay,
it's your middle finger, and so...
and so then she wouldn't hold it up,
but... and so like... she was like just hold up your middle finger.
-and you did? -Yeah, I did.
Show us how you did that exactly.
You want me to really do it?
You're allowed to if you want to, yes, yes
-I think it's OK -You want me to?
Do you guys want me to?
Ok... 123
Congratulation everyone, we've reached a new low.
A room full of adults encouraging a child...
Now you're not allowed to ever do that again, all right?
-Oh... -Unless you're in traffic and you're really mad
All I say is, I'm walking here, I'm walking.
Well, you did a great job,
do you think you want to be an actor as well when you grow up?
You gonna keep doing this?
I want to be like Lola Smith. I want to keep acting.
-Oh you do? -Like when she started acting she never stopped.
She never stopped, well that's fun,
as long as you're having fun with it, it's great!
As long as you're learning new fingers and new cruse words, too
"The Florida Project" is in the movie, is in selected theaters now,
Brooklyn Prince everybody!


【吉米秀】《歡迎光臨奇幻城堡》天才小童星布魯克林普林斯 (Seven-Year-Old Actress Brooklynn Prince on The Florida Project)

3601 分類 收藏
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