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  • Be careful, Ace!

  • Yeah, See you Luffy i'll be going ahead first!

  • Sure, once i'll go out on the sea in 3 years time i'll be much stronger!

  • Do your best, Ace!

  • Take care!

  • Don't catch a cold!

  • Just wait i'll make my name known soon!

  • The secretly grown up son of the king of pirates, Ace

  • Has quietly left the shore of Mt. Colubo

  • He's gone

  • *Sigh* really, i wonder what Garp would say.

  • You shall raise him, Dadan!

  • Eeh! No way! Whose child is that?

  • Boss

  • Ace has left

  • Oh i see, in the end Garp will be angry at me.

  • He was such a useless brat

  • Oh yes, Ace has left a message

  • What!? In the end, at? the very last minute he has something to tell me?

  • He said: Thanks for taking care of me.

  • Don't be friggen kidding with me, idiot!

  • Oh? Are you crying boss?

  • I'm not crying idiots!

  • After three years , luffy is now 17 years old

  • Hey hey!

  • I am going now, aren't you going to see me off?

  • Shut it

  • The major and Makino would be fine but the villagers would all be scared if I left the mountain

  • But even so...

  • Just go already!?

  • Ok... then, everyone..

  • Thank you for everything up till now.

  • Oh, don't flatter us so XD. Well well...

  • Well well...

  • Ah yes

  • Dadan! I hate mountain bandits.

  • Shut it insolent brat!

  • (but) I like you guys!

  • Don't say such stupid things, just hurry and get out of here, dangit

  • Why do I look stubid ?!

  • What? Are you crying?

  • Like i said, i'm not crying.

Be careful, Ace!


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B1 中級

一片Dadan的吶喊--阿拉伯語/英語翻譯。 (One piece Dadan's cry - Arabic/English translation)

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