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  • - The suit for the motion capture

  • - If you saw the live action of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson,

  • you may be wondering how she filmed those scenes with the beast

  • if he was created using CGI.

  • Well, prepare to have all of your questions answered with this behind-the-scenes look.

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  • Someone get Emma Watson an Oscar because she literally fills in these scenes by herself.

  • Emma Watson is no stranger to working with CGI after her Harry Potter days,

  • so she was more than prepared to take all the challenge once again in "Beauty and the Beast."

  • The DVD for the film, which comes out June 6th, will gift viewers with

  • several featurettes giving you a behind-the-scenes look at just how they pulled off those CGI scenes.

  • One clip in particular of Emma acting with the beast during the iconic ballroom scene

  • has the Internet going wild.

  • In order to give Emma an accurate height depiction of the beast to act with,

  • Dan Stevens had to wear his motion capture suit that made him look like a gray marshmallow.

  • How Emma kept a straight face, the world will never know. Check it out.

  • - Dan was in a... (unintelligible) motion capture suit on stilts to make him as tall as the beast would be

  • so that Emma was always playing to somebody who was as big as the beast.

  • - STEVENS: Puppeteering the suit to the motion capture was an ordeal.

  • - DORSEY: And if you think Emma having to keep a straight face was the toughest part, think again.

  • The film's director Bill Condon says that "Be Our Guest" was actually the most challenging scene to film

  • because literally the entire scene consisted of CGI with the exception of Emma.

  • - CONDON: Emma Watson is the only human being in that scene.

  • - WATSON: It was literally me sitting at an empty table.

  • Seven days just looking at nothing.

  • It was the most boring scene I have ever had.

  • - DORSEY: You can check out even more behind-the-scenes looks when the DVD comes out on June 6th,

  • in addition to 10 minutes of the weird scenes and the "Beauty and the Beast" music video

  • starring Ariana Grande with John Legend.

  • What do you guys think about the beast in that CGI suit? He's a stud, right?

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  • I'm your host Drew Dorsey, and I'll see you next time.

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- The suit for the motion capture


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丹-史蒂文斯在《美女與野獸》中沒有CGI的鏡頭是你無法解讀的。 (Dan Stevens Without CGI In Beauty And The Beast Footage Is Something You Can't Unsee)

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