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Here in Davos, there's two big themes that we're hearing bankers and financiers talk about in the world of financial technology.
They are block chain technology and artificial intelligence,
and this block chain technology that I think is particularly interesting
because we're seeing a real shift now in the debate of the industry
and how the industry is coming to terms with the... this new asset class, the crypto asset class people are calling it.
Well... after a year... last year when we saw the value of crypto currency has risen more than a half a trillion dollars.
The likes of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have become impossible for the financial establishment to ignore.
And now we're seeing chief executive of NASDAQ here in Davos telling us the NASDAQ,
the big US exchange is gonna look ways to provide products
that will help retail investors put money into the likes of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
So this is really the start of these two worlds which of until now has been very separate coming together.
And a lot of banks up to now have been saying that the cliche is we don't like Bitcoin,
it's got... got dirty money attached to it,
but we do like to underline block chain technology.
And now it's getting a bit more modeled and confused,
people are starting to say what... say something to this crypto currency idea.
After all, we're now seeing these two worlds intertwine, but the big message from the financiers and the bankers
is that they really... they can't do much more until regulators set more ground rules,
so that they know what the rules of the game are.
It's very unregulated space, but crypto currencies and the establishment,
the financial establishment just starting to intertwine... they're starting to collide
and it's going to be very interesting to see how that develops.



銀行世界和密碼貨幣的碰撞 (World of banking and cryptocurrencies collide)

133 分類 收藏
李依庭 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 25 日    李依庭 翻譯    Samuel 審核
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