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Hey everyone, Molly Hollibaugh here. Welcome to Zentangle Project Pack #2. This
is day 12 in our 12 days of Zentangle series for 2017 and it's been super fun.
I can't believe we're already on the last day, but thank you so much for
playing along with us. We have a blast doing it so here we go. This last project
is another one that takes a little bit of prep so I'm going to go over the prep
work first and then we'll get into the tangling tools. So to get ready you're
gonna need either some double sided tape or a glue stick; either one will
work; you'll need an exacto knife and a pencil
and then you're gonna need three Renaissance 3Z tiles and I'm going
to show you an alternative option, too, if this isn't your thing. So just maybe
watch the first time around and then decide which route you want to take. So
for option A, I want you to first put one 3Z tile aside and just take two to
play with right now and with your pencil I want you to look at the back of the 3Z
tile where the writing is and on the third row down I want you to just put a
notch about, I don't know, like a quarter of an inch or a half inch in like that.
Can you guys see that? And I want you to do that on two of the
tiles exact same place . . . "ish." just like that. See that? Okay we'll put our pencils
down and then taking one of those tiles we're actually just going to slice right
on that line from the notch to the other notch that we just put in. Okay? So nice
firm cut with the exacto. I might do it twice just to make sure it goes through;
to the other one, same exact deal.
Okay and then safely put your exacto knife somewhere. We're all set with that
and you can turn over your tile and just make sure that the cut went through with your
nail and we're actually gonna assemble these tiles together. So you're gonna
want the slices in the same kind of orientation and we're going to take
these two tiles and we're going to put them in together by putting the point
through that slit. Okay? Then I'm gonna grab the third one I had that has no
slit in it and I'm gonna stick that into the second one and as you can see we
have a cute little tree to tangle on. So once you have it assembled like that -- so
easy right? -- we're gonna turn it over and I am going to I'm just gonna kind of
mark this so I know where to to glue it. So I'm just gonna put a little mark
there and a little mark here and then I'll do the same right here and right
there. It looks like it kind of makes it on the line anyway but at least I know
where to put my glue. So I'm gonna take them apart and I'm gonna put glue here
and then there on the other one; just ordinary glue stick just in that area
where I marked it off. Okay?
Stick that back in there.
Perfect! I'm gonna press that down and
put glue over here now.
Okay . . .
and then stick that one like so and then press that one as well.
Pretty cool, huh? If you want to use double stick tape you can do the same
thing with that. You could even just use regular tape and put a piece of tape
right down the middle of the back. I think that would work well too, so
whatever way you decide that is one preparation. If you're not into trees
that's totally fine you don't have to do a tree. You can take two 3Z tiles
and just put them together like a diamond and do the same thing that we're
doing on a diamond shape. And if you choose to do a diamond you can just put
a piece of tape on the back. If you're looking for more rigidity, you could put
another piece of firm paper on the back to support it, but I would actually just
start by taping it the two together and then put a backing on it later. It'll
be easier to tangle that way. So you can do a diamond shape or this cute little
tree shape. They're both gonna be super cool. Don't worry about it.
And once you have that ready, let's get ready to tangle!
Thank you for tangling with us! Please continue to Part 2 of Project Pack #02, Day Twelve


禪繞畫第12天示範(第1部分) (Zentangle Project Pack #02 - Day Twelve (Part 1))

181 分類 收藏
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