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Hey guys, it's Wengie! Welcome back, and cozy hug!
So, today, I'm doing a school survival guide, which has a bunch of things, that will help you to get through the school year!
and I hope, you guys find these helpful!
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And without further ado, let's get on with the video! Let's go!
*Music playing*
Even if you know the answer to a question answer it immediately, if you keep answering the easy questions, you're less likely to get asked by the teacher when it's a hard question, that no-one knows the answer to!
Teacher: What's the possible answer out of this, does anyone know?
Teacher: Wengie, do you know?
Wengie: Cheater!
Teacher: Correct! Great, thanks! Everyone!
Answering questions, and active participation also has been to increase your concentration, and helps you to remember your lesson better!
Teacher: Now, who knows, what're the principles of quantum mechanics?
They'll usually pick the quiet student, that hasn't said anything at all in class!
Teacher: Will!
Like this guy, here!
Will: Ummmmmmmm!
Will: Umm!
*Music playing*
It's hard at school when your locker looks like a bomb side!
And, here are a few of my top tips for a clean, organised locker!
Use locker shelves to create more space in your locker, and get a locker bin, so your locker doesn't slowly fill up with junk!
And, add an assortment of containers to keep your loose supplies!
*Music playing*
Don't try to be someone you're not, so this first tip sounds super cliche, but definitely just be yourself!
You might feel pressure to join a group whether it's ' Nerds', 'Class Clowns', or 'The Popular Girls' or just a random group!
But, pretending to be someone else just to fit in, is not worth it!
The popular girls today don't always end up being popular, or even successful later in life!
If you're shy and quiet, that's totally fine because I was too, and I found friends, that love that about me, and are now some of my closest friends for life!
So, you do you, and no-one else!
*Music playing*
Wengie: Yeah, so that homework question, I was talking about like!
Teacher: Just a little bit of space, that I can help you in class!
Teacher: Yeah, no!
No, wait! Not that kind of friend!
I mean, just talk to them like a normal person, cause it's nice to be appreciated, and not just seen as the person, who gives you homework!
Teacher: Everyone, remember pop quiz is Friday!
Studies have actually shown that teachers, who like their students, subconsciously give them better marks!
I mean, you probably won't turn an F into an A, but you might turn an A into an A+!
*Music playing*
Being late on your first day of school can be extremely embarrassing!
Teacher: Thanks for showing up!
Wengie: Sorry!
So, a really good habit is to pre-make your lunch the night before!
A really simple, and tasty meal to make in advance, is a delicious salad with spinach, tomatoes, mushroom, beans and corn, with some balsamic dressing on the side!
Then, in the morning, just pack this in with a measly bar, some juice, and a piece of fruit into your lunchbox, and you're good to go!
This meal tastes so good, and contains ingredients, that keep your energy levels, and increase concentration during class as well!
*Music playing*
Every girl needs a survival kit for those emergencies, that will inevitably happen!
So, don't worry, fam, this one will cover just about everything!
Classmate: Oh, thanks.
Classmate: Wengie, do you have a any mints?
Classmate: Thank you!
Classmate: Wengie, I have really dirty hands!
Classmate: Wengie, do you have a hairbrush, I can borrow?
You'll need some multi-purpose cleaning wipes,
deodorant for those hot, sweaty days,
a spare pad for unexpected girl issues,
comb for windy days,
a toothbrush,
hand sanitizer,
spare hair elastics,
breath mints,
bobby pins,
and band-aids,
and just bring along a really cute bag to put them in, and you're ready for anything!
Classmate: Wengie, I don't know if you have this, but I really need a friend!
Wengie: Awww!
Classmates: Thank you!
*Music playing*
Classmate: I'm so sorry, so sorry!
Now, you might be thinking honestly, what are the chances of this ever happening, right,
but just believe me, that'll happen when you least expect it!
So make yourself a cute, little outfit burrito, and let it stay in your locker, and one day, you will thank me for this advice!
*Music playing*
Teacher: And that's where babies come from, any questions, class?
Teacher: Anybody?
For your own sake, never walk into the wrong classroom again!
For me, I have to literally plaster my timetable everywhere!
Put it on your folders, your books, your phone screen, your locker, wherever you need to remember!
*Music playing*
Lowkey, guys, I get a little stressed out when my phone runs of battery, because like I don't know, I might have a problem,
either way, I always make sure, I have a portable phone charger with me - it's so simple, and has saved me many times!
You can easily DIY your charger with some washy tape to personalise it, as well, and I think this looks super cute!
*Music playing*
I hope you guys learned something new today, and found this guide helpful, let me know which one is your favourite one is, and don't forget to hashtag me on #wengiecorns because if you guys do any of these, I love to keep up with you guys during the week on my social medias, and also, let's have a look at what happened on ReactiCorns, this week!
Max: At least, you try, and save it!
Wengie: Double rows!
Max: You can save it, the cake even has lines to guide you, like to say you can cut along the lines!
So that is literally it for this week, I'm gonna miss you guys so much, so until next week, bye guys, love you!
Wengie: Hi mister Bumpypoo!
Wengie: I was having problems with
Teacher: Angles, things, yep, so, yeah just add them all up!
Teacher: Wengie!
Wengie: Helium!
Teacher: Right, I'm looking for hydrogen!


如何在學校生存! 10種破解技巧! (How To Survive Back To School! 10 Life Hacks And Tips!)

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