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  • There are a lot of reasons not to like Donald Trump if you're liberal like I am.

  • But I am especially confused by the fact that he has so much support in Evangelical Christian circles.

  • Here's just a brief rundown of some of the things he's said about religion just in the past several weeks.

  • He said that he doesn't ask God for forgiveness.

  • If he make a mistake he just tries to fix the problem himself.

  • Now, as an atheist, I really like that answer

  • But if you're trying to pass yourself off as a Christian, you ought to know that asking God for forgiveness is kind of a big deal.

  • It's one of those things you're just supposed to do.

  • He atoned for that comment by saying he always eats the little cracker.

  • As if that's supposed to make up for not asking God for forgiveness.

  • I mean, he called the communion wafer "a little cracker".

  • He uses mild swears in his speechs, like damn and hell.

  • Again, as an atheist, I don't mind, but you would think that's one of those things you're not supposed to do if you're trying to reach out to a Christian audience.

  • He claimed that his book "The Art of the Deal" was only his second favorite book of all time.

  • Because, guess what was number one? The Bible.

  • "Nothing beats the Bible", he said.

  • He says that line all the time now because he knows it's going to get applause.

  • I just don't believe the sincerity of it.

  • There's no way he's gonna put himself as number two for anything.

  • Trump was asked about his favorite Bible verse.

  • And he said it was personal, like he was offended by the very question.

  • I'm actually surprised he didn't go all Sarah Palin and just say "all of them".

  • When he was asked if he's an Old Testament or a New Testament sort of guy, he said, "probably equal".

  • Like, what sort of an answer is that? If you're trying to reach out to the Christian base, the answer is "New Testament".

  • It's always the New Testament. That's the one with Jesus.

  • Trump isn't your typical Evangelical Christian nominee.

  • He's pandering to the base by just saying a few buzzwords here and there.

  • And what boggles my mind is that they're falling for it.

  • This has to infuriate guys like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.

  • I mean, they've been going after the Christian vote for their entire careers.

  • And all of a sudden Trump steps in, says "I love the Bible", gives a thumbs up and all these Evangelicals just come swarming around him.

  • This shouldn't make any sense.

  • What's also amazing is that Trump doesn't seem to match supposed Evangelical ethics in any meaningful way.

  • He says horrible things about immigrants, he reduces women down to their looks.

  • He's been married multiple times. He's obviously greedy.

  • And he thinks it's all about him and not "Him".

  • But Evangelicals don't seem to care.

  • I think they're so desperate to back a winner that they will go running after any bone a Republican frontrunner throws their way.

  • It seems like what Evangelicals want these days isn't someone who agrees with their values,

  • it's someone who will pander to them while demonizing everyone they don't agree with.

  • If you think about it, that is sort of what Evangelicals do, isn't it?

  • I mean, they love tearing into people who don't agree with them.

  • They talk about how their God is all about love, then use the Bible to justify discrimination against LGBT people.

  • They talk about wanting to help the less fortunate, but they allow megachurch pastors

  • to take in millions of tax-free dollars with no transparency whatsoever,

  • and they support politicians who oppose minimum wage increases

  • and who want to dismantle the welfare system.

  • They claim to be pro-life, but they supported President George W. Bush who took us to war.

  • Evangelicals tend to be all talk.

  • They love chatting up just how great they are.

  • But in practice, we see just how disastrous their beliefs are.

  • I mean, they'll even file lawsuits just to keep discriminating against people.

  • So, in a way, I guess it does make sense that they support Donald Trump.

  • Mike Huckabee had it all wrong.

  • Evangelicals aren't looking for a candidate who embodies their values and speaks their language.

  • They were looking for someone who is just as big of a hypocrite as so many of them are.

  • My name is Hemant Metha and I write at

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There are a lot of reasons not to like Donald Trump if you're liberal like I am.


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