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  • What will happen, if all 7,000,000,000 people on earth simultaneously jump up and down?

    如果地球上 70 億人同時向上跳躍會發生甚麼事呢?

  • If everyone jumps at home, nothing significant will happen.


  • That is - nothing at all.


  • Even if we jump up and down the whole day long.


  • But, if we were to collect all people of the earth in one place, we could very quickly solve a rather important problem: Overpopulation.


  • Probably you have heard something about us humans multiplying our numbers much too quickly.


  • There are just too many of us on earth.


  • If nothing is done, soon there won't be any food left.


  • One way of looking at it, 7,000,000,000 is not so much,

    其中一個觀點是,70 億人口其實也不多,

  • so all the people on earth could easily fit into a territory equal to the size of Moscow or Los Angeles, for example.


  • And it wouldn't even be crowded.


  • OK, let's say we all gather on a hypothetical huge platform one meter of the ground and are ready to make this collective jump.

    好的,假設我們都聚集在一塊超大土地並同時向上跳 1 公尺

  • What will happen?


  • This jump will create a truly significant amount of energy, part of which will return back to each person through their shoes.


  • And, some of which will dissipate into the environment with very interesting consequences.


  • First, you will hear a very loud sound of about 200 decibels, similar to the sound of applause, only much much louder.

    首先,你會聽到大約 200 分貝的巨大聲響,就像鼓掌聲一樣,只是更大聲得多

  • A jet engine emits a sound volume of 140 decibels.

    噴射引擎製造 140 分貝的聲響

  • 160 is the level of a shock wave from a supersonic aircraft.

    160 分貝相當於超音速飛行機的震波

  • The pain threshold of a human being is already passed at a level of a mere 130 decibels.

    音量早已超過人類能承受的 130 分貝的門檻

  • 135 to 140 decibels is a concussion.

    135 到 140 分貝時造成震盪

  • 150 shock and severe injuries and 200 decibels - at best such a sound will simply blow your eardrums.

    150 分貝時造成腦震盪,和嚴重傷害,而到 200 分貝時,這樣的聲量所帶來的最小傷害是震破耳膜

  • That's at best, but basically, everyone will just die.


  • Suppose you're only deaf after the jump.


  • Somehow, you survived.


  • You are incredibly lucky, but not for very long.


  • It turns out that our jump strongly impacted the planet and in response to this degradation the earth will send a 30 meter high tsunami rolling back onto shore.

    我們的跳躍大力衝擊地球,地球製造 30 公尺高海嘯侵襲海岸以回應環境劣化

  • Along with a couple of earthquakes of around 4 to 8 on the Richter scale.

    伴隨幾個芮氏規模 4 到 8 級的地震

  • As a consequence, bridges, railways, powerlines and some buildings will be destroyed.


  • The apocalypse is here.


  • But, I must confess to you nothing will happen.


  • I misled you.


  • If we were able to bring together 7 billion people and make them jump at the same time, everything would be like this:

    如果我們能將 70 億人聚集在一起並同時跳躍,畫面看起來會像這樣

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What will happen, if all 7,000,000,000 people on earth simultaneously jump up and down?

如果地球上 70 億人同時向上跳躍會發生甚麼事呢?


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地球70億人口同時跳起後會發生甚麼事呢? (What If 7,000,000,000 People Jumped At Once?)

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