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I know that Michael Jackson was real hero of yours.
You...Did you meet him, or you didn't meet him?
No, No...I never. I talked to him on the phone.
Yes. How did that happen?
Uh...How did that happen...
I was in Paris, and I was with Kenny Ortega.
We were promoting High School Musical 3.
I was probably 20, maybe 21 at the time.
And we were at dinner.
And somehow I got at the head of the table, and Kenny was on the another side of the table,
our director Kenny Ortega.
And his phone rang.
I remembered I got this look like-
"You want this phone call."
I was like, "Okay," so I came over and, "What's going on?"
He goes," It's Michael Jackson."
I am like, "What?"
He answered me the phone, and I was like,
"Uh...Hello?" And I heard, "Hi, who's this?"
I was like, "Hmm...This is Zac Efron. I am a massive fan, and I am an actor. And you're like my hero..."
I didn't know what to say.
I was like...kind of...I was just at a loss for words, and rambling on.
And then he said, "That's really nice. Can you hang the phone back to Kenny?"
So, I did.
And I was freaking out. I just talked to Michael Jackson. He is my hero. I was tripping.
And I set back down, just a little dizzy.
All of a sudden, the phone rang again.
And Kenny answered. I saw him kind of confused cross the table.
And, he like...looked at me again he's like, "You want to get the phone."
I was like, "Okay." And he hang the phone to me. He goes, "It's Michael Jackson again."
I was like, "What? Okay."
And I picked up the phone I was like, "Hello?"
He goes, "Oh this is Zac from High School Musical?"
And I was like, "Uh...Yeah."
And He was like, "Oh, I love what you do. I am a huge fan. I love what you do."
And I've lost it. I just lost it.
I lost my balance. I think I fell over into the wall.
I was like, "You know who I am?"
I just started crying. I was a mess. Literally, I was making a fool out of myself.
I was like slipped down to the floor pathetically.
And professed how much I love him.
Like, "You are my hero. You are the reason I do what I do.
Thank you so much Michael for everything.
Thanks for show me how to dance. How to be...you know...How to believe in myself.
How to...I don't know...How to shine.
And...that made him cry.
Both crying for each other on the phone.
And he ended whole the whole phone call conversation with something along the lines of,
"Hey Zac." and I was like stop crying for a second.
"Isn't it awesome?" and I was like, "What?"
And he goes, "Dream really do come true, don't they?"
And I was like, "Michael you can't say things like that. You're killing me man. You're killing me."


年輕時柴克艾弗隆說的話,竟讓麥克傑克森落淚! (Zac Efron Made Michael Jackson Cry! | The Graham Norton Show)

5379 分類 收藏
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