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  • Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak

  • from BBC Learning English. I'm Rob...

  • Feifei: And hello, I'm Feifei. We're here to teach you

  • a real English phrase...

  • Rob, what's that you're holding there?

  • Rob: Oh this... just a ticket to see one of my

  • favourite rock bands in concert - The Rolling Thrones.

  • Feifei: Oh great - and I see you've got more

  • than one ticket.

  • Rob: Yes, that's right, a few of us

  • from the office are going - it's tonight!

  • I'm very excited.

  • Feifei: Oh right - Rob, it sounds fun -

  • maybe I could get a ticket and join you?

  • Rob: Why? You don't like rock music

  • and you always stay in and wash your

  • hair on a Thursday

  • - or so you tell me anyway.

  • Oh Feifei, I think you've got FOMO.

  • Feifei: I've got 'FOMO'? Is that bad?

  • Is that why you didn't invite me?

  • Oh dear, should I go and see a doctor?

  • Rob: No, don't see a doctor. FOMO is an acronym

  • for 'fear of missing out'.

  • It's a worried feeling you have that other people

  • are doing fun things when you are not -

  • you're missing out!

  • Feifei: Oh, we'd better hear some examples

  • of other people with FOMO...

  • Examples: I know Martha's got FOMO,

  • she's been moaning about not being invited to

  • Wang's karaoke party -

  • but she doesn't even like karaoke!

  • All my friends are going on holiday together

  • but I can't afford it so I've got FOMO.

  • There's a message on Facebook

  • that all the tickets to that gig are sold out

  • - now I have a feeling of FOMO!

  • Feifei: So that's FOMO - fear of missing out

  • - which describes a feeling you might have

  • when you feel other people are doing something

  • fun, when you are not. Well Rob, now I know

  • what it means, I know I haven't got it.

  • I just wanted to be sociable,

  • and have some fun with you all.

  • Rob: Sorry Feifei, even if you could get a ticket,

  • it's boys only I'm afraid.

  • Feifei: Oh look, I've got a message on my social

  • media feed... is the lead singer of your band

  • called Mick Dagger?

  • Rob: Yes, that's him - the finest rock singer

  • around - why?

  • Feifei: It says here, he's fallen down the stairs

  • and broken his leg.

  • The rock concert is cancelled!

  • Rob: Cancelled? Oh no.

  • Err, what did you say you were doing tonight?

  • Feifei: Washing my hair.

  • Rob: Any chance I could come round...

  • watch a movie, get a takeaway?

  • Feifei: Oh dear Rob. Have you got FOMO now?

  • Bye.

  • Rob: Bye.

Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak


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A2 初級 美國腔

FOMO:我們說的英語 (FOMO: The English We Speak)

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