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What's up guys, Rogue-9 here and today,
I want to talk to you about a little promise

that was made to the Rainbow Six Siege community
at the beginning of the Blood Orchid season.

A promise that (as you can probably
guess, since I'm making a video on it) didn't

last all that long.
So this video is going to be about the
weapon damage drop-off standardisation and how it

seems to have only lasted one season.
Let's go!
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And now, for those of you who don't read
and memorise the patch notes religiously,

let me start out with a quick recap
of what we were told just one season ago:

“Weapon Falloff Damage Redesign”… or
maybe they meant Weapon Damage Falloff Redesign…

Our old damage model had several inconsistencies,
which has [sic] made it hard for players to

understand where each
weapon loses damage efficiency.

With the new model in Year 2 Season 3, we
have tried to keep the weapon balance intact

while setting hard values for where the damage
falloff begins and where it ends per weapon category.

With Season 3, we have standardised the
fall-off value across all weapons classes [sic]; except

for the shotguns and the sole sniper rifle
for Glaz.

We believe this will help everyone have
a better understanding, [sic] of when their

weapon loses efficiency.”
So now we have standardised drop-off
ranges that are long for DMRs and LMGs (25-40m),

slightly less long for assault rifles (25-35m),
medium for SMGs and MPs (18-28m) and relatively

short for pistols (12-22m).
The patch notes go on to explain: “We hope this will improve the player's understanding of weapon efficiency.
Of course, we will be closely looking at
that statistics [sic] to make sure that our game

balance remains the same.”
I personally loved this change, not only for
the reasons given in the statement (making

it easier for players to understand the strengths
and weaknesses of each weapon category) but

also because it finally made it viable for
me to create a comprehensive damage drop-off

spread sheet (link in the description below).
As some of you may already know, I have
recently updated the sheet with the gun changes and

additions for the White Noise season and
lo and behold: half of the new guns no longer

fit into this standardised pattern.
The SMG-12, the C75 Auto and the M762 are the
only new guns that behave according to their class.

Ok, I guess the BOSG.12.2 is a shotgun and
they were never standardised and in addition

to that, it is a completely new and uniquegun, so fair enough, its 11-19m drop-off range is acceptable too.
Somewhat more controversial is Vigil's K1A.
In the game, this gun is modelled as an SMG
(with drop-off between 18 & 28m) but I personally

would disagree with this approach.
The definition of a submachine gun is “a
magazine-fed, fully automatic carbine designed

to fire pistol cartridges” and since the
K1A is chambered in .223 Remington it should

technically be classified as a carbine
assault rifle, just like Jäger's 416-C Carbine.

And just like Jäger's gun, I would have
expected it to benefit from the damage drop-off

advantage of the assault rifles,
instead of being grouped in with the SMGs.

And the only reason I refer to this case
as controversial (instead of outright wrong)

is that the South Korean military, as well
as S&T Motiv (the current manufacturer of

the gun) both refer to the K1A as a submachine gun.
So I guess that it can be argued that Ubisoft
throwing this weapon in with the SMGs is acceptable,

although I was truly surprised and disappointed to see the K1A underperform the 416-C by as much as it does.
And really, since it fires an intermediate
rifle cartridge, it should share the drop-off

characteristics with the assault
rifles but that's just my opinion.

And that is where I draw the line.
Zofia's LMG-E clearly belongs into the
LMG/DMR class in terms of its drop-off but for some

reason, it has been included in the assault rifles instead.
Sure, it only fires the relatively small
5.56x45mm rifle cartridge but so do Capitao's M249

and Ying's T-95 LSW and both of those
guns get the longer damage drop-off ranges, so

why not the LMG-E?
And it's not as if adding on those 5 extra
meters until the damage curve bottoms out

would have made that much of a difference.
The LMG-E is right down there with the worst
LMGs in the game and there would have been

no risk of making this gun OP
by adding that tiny bit of extra range.

Ok, its fire rate is above average but the
jerky recoil, combined with the weakest damage

per shot (both at close and long range)
make this a horrible gun in my eyes and it in no

way competes with Zofia's alternative choice, the M762.
So why make this gun even
less viable by classing it as a rifle?

I just don't know.
And then, of course, we have
Dokkaebi's Mk14 EBR (or Enhanced Battle Rifle).

This weapon is clearly a designated marksman
rifle and belongs in the same damage drop-off

class as the rest of the DMRs.
I'm not saying that the Mk14 is poorly
balanced or underpowered, even though its baseline

damage stat of 60 points might make it seems so.
Out of the four DMRs in the game
(alongside the SR-25, CAMRS & 417) the Mk14 actually

has the highest minimum damage of 51,
making it a 2 shot to down weapon against 3 speed

operators, at all ranges, so it actually becomes
the most powerful DMR from 37m and onwards.

Still, the reason presented by Ubisoft for
going through the exercise of standardising

all of the damage drop-off curves was to
make it easier for us to be able to differentiate

the performance of the different weapon
classes and I just don't understand why, only one

season later, these new rules have simply been ignored.
And you know me, whenever I discover
something in Rainbow Six Siege that doesn't seem quite

right, I reach out Ubisoft directly to make
them aware of what I have found out and I

do this before covering the issue in a video.
Normally I get a friendly email thanking
me for highlighting the issue and assuring me

that it will be passed on to the
development team… but not this time.

I did receive a very friendly email response
from a customer support representative but

there was one part of the
message that somewhat triggered me…

“We love hearing ideas directly from
gamers and appreciate the support from fans like

you, although we cannot accept or consider
creative ideas from outside the company for

legal reasons, but we definitely still want your feedback.”
And then he went on to direct me towards the
Ubisoft forums where the community managers

would be happy to listen to my suggestions….
“Fans like me”….
“creative suggestions”…
DOES HE NOT KNOW WHO I AM… wait that sounds
a bit arrogant…

No, you know what, I am leaving it in.
I have spent 2 years covering this game in depth and
I am not just some fan, offering a creative suggestion.

When I take the time to write a detailed bug
report, highlighting that promises of standardisation

were made at the beginning of Blood Orchid
and that half of the new guns in White Noise

do not follow these rules; then
I'm not making a creative suggestion.

Something has gone wrong here and all
I'm trying to do is make you guys aware of it.

Ok… do these errors impact
the day to day playing of the game?

No, probably not.
Will players notice these errors?
Again, probably not.
Are there more pressing issues,
like for instance Jäger shield glitches?

Yes, 100%....
Fine, these inconsistencies practically
don't even matter and yet, if you are going to tell

us that standardisation is being introduced
to help clarify the performance of each gun

class; then why not stick to it?
And since I spend a considerable amount
of my time testing exactly these details in the

game, I would really like to
see that standardisation adhered to.

And while we're at it:
#WhatEvenIsMobility… because 50 still makes no sense

What are your thoughts on this
the drop-off standardisation issue.

Do you feel as betrayed as I do?
Leave your thoughts in the comments
section below and do check out that giveaway link

if you want to take part.
And with that, as always, I hope you enjoyed
the video and I will see you in the next episode.

Fans like me?
Excuse me i spat a little bit there...
Okay... Let's try that again... Fans like me? Creative suggest....


彩虹六號:圍攻行動 (Standardised Drop-off is a LIE!! - Rainbow Six Siege)

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