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- Excuse me, can I ask you a question? - Sure
Do you believe in love at first sight?
I can walk by again if you want.

Hey y'all my name is Nnenna
and I create videos here at Buzzfeed New York.
So here's the thing, I've always wanted to initiate conversation with men, but I'm super duper shy y'all.
But I told myself what is the worst that can happen?
But I mean that's okay cause life goes on.
Anyway, this video is supposed to be about me going out into the streets of NYC to pick up some men.
But I chickened out, I just couldn't do it y'all.
I can't.
So I decided to get four shy,
but extremely brave women to do it instead.
Let's watch.
I'm shy because I'm afraid of rejection.
When it comes to guys I definitely have very, very square wheels  .
I'm really, like seriously hoping
to find bae, so fingers crossed.
I don't think I will ever be ready,
so I'm just gonna go ahead and do it now.
Is there any rule on pre-gaming this whole thing?
Just watching a cop come by at this exact moment.
Cheers, let's do this.
- [Male Voice] Wait, wait, what's going on here?
(upbeat music)
We found one.
I feel like we're very obvious too, just like.
I had a lot of caffeine this morning.
So I'm just like giggly and jittery in general.
Okay, um.
- Hello. - Hi.
Um, I seem to have lost my number,
can I have yours? - Umm...
You're really cute, just thought I'd like to say hi.
Are you single? - Sorry, I have a girlfriend.
Okay, that's okay.
Thanks for putting up with that.
- Hi, excuse me sir, do you have a second? - No, I'm on a call.
This is so rough.
Tip number one:Don't speak to people
when they're on the phone.
(upbeat music)
- Excuse me, do I know you? - I don't think so.
- Have we met before? - No
I'm so sorry, I was just confused.
- You look a lot like my next boyfriend. - Ha, that's funny. Funny
I tried.
Alright, have a good one.
- So, love at first sight? - Do I believe in it? No, I don't believe in it.
I'm not doing this anymore.
Hey guys, how are you?
We're good, what are y'all filming? - Just shooting shots.
- Just getting some stuff. - Handsome stuff?
- Continue being handsome. - Thank you.
- Yo, live your life. - Have a good one, guys.
You too, bye.
I can't, I have to go home.
Hi, um, kind of weird.
- But I think you're really cute. - Thank you very much.
- Do you mind if I get your number? - Yeah, you can take it down
- Sorry, I don't ever do this. - Do you guys have Instagram and stuff?
Yeah, I do actually.
I don't ever use mine though.
Thank you.
- It was nice to meet you, Pete. - Same to you.
(upbeat music)
I have a question.
How was heaven when you left it?
- No? - It wasn't up to my expectations at all. That's why I left it.
He's like running.
Hey, sorry this is probably really awkward
but I just saw you over there, and I was like,
oh he's pretty cute.
I was wondering if like maybe I could get your number?
- We could. - You want to make a new friend?
- Yes. - Jared.
- What's your name? - Delisa.
Let's, Imma check it out.
Got it.
Okay, thank you.
Nice to meet you Jared.
Have a good day.
Could have gone a little bit better probably.
It was rough.
Could have been worse.
Could have been worse, but definitely no baes today.
We did it.
We did it.
I conquer a fear today.
Today's a good day.
Yeah, yeah.



如何搭訕男生?害羞女生的搭訕初體驗 (Shy Women Pick Up Men For The First Time)

15547 分類 收藏
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