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My name is Joe Ng, and I'm the executive chef in RedFarm and Decoy restaurants.
My background in cooking come from Hong Kong.
I never go to culinary school.
I grow up in the kitchen.
I've start to cook at 11 or 12-years-old.
I was cooking street food at the beginning.
Then I'm working in the restaurant after a couple of years.
Most American people know about peking duck.
So we decide, "Why don't we try the peking duck and do different way from the traditional way?"
Then, we tried to testing, creating more sauce, different vegetable.
I do our own pancake, and we try butchering the duck in a different way.
Me and my partner try to have the creativity for the food, for the plating, or for the ingredient
as well.
When we do the preparation with the duck at the beginning, we wash the duck, we try to get the skin as
clean as possible, otherwise it will turn very dark or burn.
We use the duck which is about six-and-a-half to seven pound.
That kind of size is really good for barbecue.
The muscle and the meat is very balanced.
We put all the five-spice flavor in there, salt, ginger, scallion.
And then we use a special nail to close the bottom.
It's very important where they come from with the head on, because we are pumping the air in
their neck to try to separate the skin between the skin and the meat.
And then we put in the boiling water to get the muscle tight.
We put sugar, vinegar on the top of the duck, which is helping the skin did not crack.
That's why they come out golden brown, because the sugar and the vinegar.
We are hanging about 24 hours to make sure the skin getting dry.
The more dry we could get, the more crispy that we get in the result.
We turn the oven to 450 degrees.
We cook that for 15 minute, and slow down the temperature around 350.
And then about another thirty minutes.
At the last 10 minute, it's very important, because they're leaking all the fat from the top to the bottom.
We have a pan underneath that catches is all duck fat.
In general, like people have probably like two to three wrap per person, you know, for each duck.
Here we have three to four sauces, but the traditional way is only like hoisin.
That's it.
What about use a sesame peanut sauce, we could have a cranberry?
I would like them to try different flavor, so they don't feel bored.
There's a different kind of taste in each wrap.
20 to 30 years ago, people know more about American-Chinese food, which is
take-out restaurants.
The really traditional Chinese food which is what we ate at home is not going to buy from
the take-out restaurants.
If all these Chinese people eating at home, traditional Chinese food why they don't serve
in the restaurant?
So that's why we tried to create a different menu for the new version of the Chinese food.


改良過的北京烤鴨,有什麼獨門秘方? (How Peking Duck Is Made | Food Skills)

336 分類 收藏
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