A2 初級 美國腔 73 分類 收藏
Give him some ham and eggs.
Yes, ma'am.
That's very kind
of you, sister,
but l'm not hungry.

A cup of coffee and a sinker
will fix me up fine.

Don't be a sucker.
Give him some ham and eggs.
The way l'm fixed,
35 cents isn't gonna
make any difference.

Things are little tough, huh?
l wouldn't be sitting
in a owl wagon
for local color.

They locked me
out of my room.

That's too bad.
thin\code(01f5)s are tough everywhere.

War in Europe,
strikes over here.

There's no work,
there's no food.

Drink your
coffee while it's hot.

What they lock you
out of your room for?

Did l ask you any questions?
l'm sorry.
It's all right.

You been in Hollywood long?
Long enough.
Trying to crash
the movies or something?

Something like that.
l guess that's
pretty hard to do, huh?
l guess so.

l never got close
enough to find out.

Oh, sorry.
who's being sorry for who?

Am l buying you the eggs
or are you
buying me the eggs?

Just like to
repay you for them.

All right.
Give me a letter of
introduction to Lubitsch.

l might be able
to do that, too.

Who's Lubitsch?
Drink your coffee.
Can you act?
What'd you say?

l said, can you act?
Sure, l can act.

Would you like me to
give you a recitation?

Go ahead.
Skip it.
My next act will
be an impersonation
of a young lady going home.

On the thumb.
ln that outfit?
How about your own outfit?
Well, l mean,
haven't you got a car?

No, have you?
No, but...
Then don't get ritzy.
And l'll tell you
some other
things l haven't got.

l haven't got a yacht,
or a pearl necklace,
or a fur coat,

or a country seat,
or even a winter seat.

l could use
a new girdle, too.

l wish l could give you
some of the things you need.

(LAUGHING) You wouldn't be
trying to lead me astray,
would you?

You know, the nice thing
about buying food for a man

is that you don't have
to laugh at his jokes.

Just think.
lf you were some big shot,
like a casting
director or something,

l'd be staring into
your bridgework, saying,

''Yes, Mr. Smearkase.
No, Mr. Smearkase.

Not really, Mr. Smearkase.

''Oh! Mr. Smearkase,
that's my knee!''

Give Mr. Smearkase
another cup of coffee.

Make it two.
Want a piece of pie?
No thanks, kid.

Why, Mr. Smearkase,
aren't you getting
a little familiar?

Look, if you wanted to stay
in Hollywood
a little longer...

l don't want to
stay in Hollywood
a little longer.

l've used up all my money,
all my going-home money...

l was just gonna say
l have a friend
that's out of town

and you might be able
to stay at his place
for a couple of weeks.

Maybe by then
things will break
a little better for you,

or he might even be
able to help you a little.

No, thanks.
There's no
strings to this, kid.

l know you don't know
who l am, but l used

to know a few
people around here,

and this guy's
really out of town.

And you know a way in
through a window
or something? No thanks.

No, l'm pretty
sure in this case...

l'm going home, big boy.
l can get a ride out of
here in a little while.

l don't like to
think of you asking

a bunch of thugs for
lifts along the highway.

Then don't think about it.
You mean,
you'd just get in any car
that comes along?

Anything but
a Stanley Steamer,
my uncle blew up in one.

That's terrible.
You can't tell what kind

of a heel is apt to
be behind the wheel.

All heels are
pretty much the same.

Yes, Mr. Smearkase?
This friend of mine, the guy
l was telling you
about that's out of town,

l'm sure he wouldn't mind
if l borrowed his car.

What is it, a street car?
lt's a car.
You just wait here.
You're iust gonna get
yourself in trouble.

l'm not gonna get
myself in trouble.

l'm iust gonna repay you
for the ham and eggs.

That isn't necessary,
big boy.

Some day when
your ship comes in,

you can buy
somebody that's hungry
some ham and eggs,

and we'll be all square.
That's fine.

You just wait here
and l'll be back
before you can say...

What was that big
director's name?



沙利文遊記(4/9)短片 - 迎接女孩(1941) (Sullivan's Travels (4/9) Movie CLIP - Meeting the Girl (1941) HD)

73 分類 收藏
小驢 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 13 日
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