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>> Alice [narrating]: It wasn't really a plot against George Peters but I'll admit it might
have looked that way the morning his wife Jane
stopped by for coffee.
We had just been in our new house two weeks and I was still ecstatic over everything,
especially my dream kitchen.
>> Alice: Well, how do you like it?
>> Jane: There's only one word for it: terrific.
>> Alice: You know I'm so proud of it it's almost indecent of me.
I can hardly wait to show it off a week from Friday night.
>> Jane: You go ahead and be indecent.
A gal's got a right to enjoy her first housewarming party.
Sure wish I was having one. Having many people?
>> Alice: Well, not a mob if that's what you mean.
Just you, the Crawfords, the Slagles, the Martins, and a couple of others.
Hey, why so sad?
And this isn't the first time I've noticed it.
>> Jane: Oh, nothing really.
>> Alice: Not very convincing Jane girl.
Whatever it is I've got just the cure for it.
There's a sensational sale going on at Watson's.
A new hat would be the ideal tonic for you.
I'm going down this afternoon for a small spree.
How about coming with me?
>> Jane: I wish I could but it's just impossible.
You've no idea how much I've got to do.
Remember, I haven't got your dream kitchen to make things easier.
Mine's strictly the nightmare type And I wish George would do something about
All he's done so far as talking and not with any real enthusiasm.
About moving you mean.
We looked at a couple of older houses but that's no improvement.
We've got an older house.
If only there was some way of really selling George on the idea.
>> Alice: The fifth freedom maybe.
Freedom from unnecessary drudgery; freedom to go shopping when the urge hits
you or when there's a sale going on.
>> Jane: Sale or no sale, I'm swamped.
Besides, my mother's been quite ill in Cleveland and I've been thinking about
taking the weekend off to visit her.
>> Alice: Got to get my clothes in the dryer.
I'll show you a couple of my prize beauties.
This setup makes any day wash day for me.
And I can do my drying in any kind of weather: with a gas dryer it couldn't be easier.
Completely automatic.
>> Jane: I remember seeing this washer in the magazine ad. Automatic too, isn't it?
>> Alice: That's right.
>> Jane: Isn't there a little colored guide light that follows the operations through
the various stages?
>> Alice: Yes.
I know exactly what's happening I don't even have to watch a clock.
Wait a minute, you say you're going to visit your mother
this weekend?
You know Janie, my girl, this might prove a very fortunate trip for you.
And just for kicks, don't get too far ahead in your housework.
Now why should you have to lay out everything all nice and ready for George
and Jimmy down to the last egg and can of salmon.
>> Jane: Oh no, I couldn't.
I'd have to make things easy for them. After all...
>> Alice: After all you've been going through this might be the awakening for friend George.
The big bright dawn.
It might do him a world of good to be left all alone with Jimmy for two or
three days in your kitchen.
>> Alice [narrating]: Well Jane finally got off the Cleveland still not too certain she
was doing right by leaving George and Jimmy by themselves
even though George was absolutely sure they'd get along just fine.
That's what he said: "just fine."
>>Jane [narrating]: Of course when you leave a man to his own devices
he's apt to think of something fancy like curried chicken with rice.
But in this case George not only should have done a little more thinking about
his recipe, but should have kept his eyes on the stove as well.
Now if he just let his rice simmer instead of boiling.
But frankly, I doubt if George knew how to bring things to a simmer.
Well, maybe it was the mess, or maybe it was just the temperature outside
but George thought he could use a little cooling off.
A nice icy lemonade would be just right.
>> Jimmy: Hey pop.
When am I going to eat?
>> George: What's with that ice tray here?
There's no ice in it.
>> Jimmy: Oh, I guess I forgot to fill it.
>> Alice: Sometime you might ask George how far is a mile.
He would tell you it's the distance from his sink to his backyard garbage pail.
Now like many men tackling a problem, George was very efficient.
The smart way to do dishes was two meals at a time.
>> George: Jimmy! Did you have to take a bath at this time of day?
I haven't got a drop a hot water in the sink!
I've got a stack of dishes a mile high!
I'm gonna be here til midnight! What's the matter with you!
>> Alice [narrating]: Jane had been away for all of two and a half days but the way she
was welcomed back by George you'd think she's been gone a month.
>> George: Well?
>> Jane: Oh, we'll be there early enough.
The others aren't coming till seven.
>> Alice: Look, I still have a couple of little things to do but it'll only take a minute or so.
>> Jane: Ooh, you're famous sweet potato casserole.
>>Alice: Only this time with shredded pineapple instead of orange juice.
You two go over and sit at the table.
Don will be back in a few minutes, George.
He's doing some last-minute shopping for me
Oh hey! I almost forgot the big news.
I went out to Pond Ridge with Helen Baker today and I broke 50 for the first
time on nine holes.
>> George: Hold on now wait a minute Alice.
You mean to tell me that with this big shindig staring you in the face
you still have time for golf?
Nothing to it.
With this kitchen it's a breeze.
Come on over look at some of the evidence.
By the way, did you know that this kitchen won an award from the Woman's Home Companion?
>> George: Huh.
>> Alice: And really they thought of everything.
I just love the convenience and modern styling of this built-in gas range.
>> George: Hey Alice, aren't you going to light the oven?
>> Alice: I don't have to it's completely automatic.
You'll never guess what this sauce is for the baked ham.
Equal parts of grape jelly and light mustard blended and simmered.
And this burner it does it without scorching.
Anyone care for a spot of grapefruit juice to tide you over?
>> George: Yeah.
>> Alice: This is going to be one of the things I love about this refrigerator
is that it turns out ice circles and puts them in a bowl for you.
all by itself.
>> Jane: Continuous ice circles
>> George: Yeah?
>> Jane: But you're taking a chance staining that counter with fruit juice?
>> Alice: No danger with Formica.
Won't ever stain.
That's the greatest help George; hanging the things you need where you need them.
In fact this whole kitchen was designed for efficiency and convenience.
>> George: That's what I like, solid 30 inch steel.
>> Alice: So easy to keep clean too.
>> George: Hey what's this?
>> Alice: Oh, automatic flour dispenser. Very handy.
Here I'll show you how it works.
>> Don: What's going on here?
>> George: Oh, hi Don, boy.
>> Alice: I've been showing them around.
>> John: Good darling.
Hello Jane.
>>Jane: Hi.
>> Alice: Oh Don, will you get rid of these for me while I start this stuff?
>> Don: Well, you might have pressed ol' George into service.
Come on George show you how it works.
This is really for me, chum.
>> George: What is it?
>> Don: Well it's a simple gas disposer.
It takes care of all the waste.
The brightest, shiniest bride could use this gizmo.
>> George: Yeah?
That's great!
>> Don: And that also goes for this automatic water heater.
Two temperatures in the same tank at the same time.
Now, and this pipe here, it gives you hot water for the bathroom and for the kitchen sink.
But the other pipe, this one gives you really hot water for clothes
and dishes to make them really clean.
Both any time you want.
Now look, George if you're really interested in this layout,
the man who set up for us is a good friend of ours, Ed Stevens.
>> George: Yeah?
>> Don: He's gonna be here tonight and just in case you have anything to ask him.
>> George: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
>> Alice: Well all I want to say is that Don's little suggestion turned into a rather
interesting and provocative conversation, and Ed Stevens is a handy man with figures
and ideas.
It certainly looked like progress was being made when we peeked in on them.
Well, that's the way it worked out and as I mentioned before
it wasn't a plot against George.
Well, you don't think Jane and I would do something like that, do you?
>> George: Well folks, I'll leave it up to you whether the gals tricked me or not, but
that's another story.
This new dream house is a happy ending to our story.
Why don't you drop around and talk with the men who can make your dream of a new
home come true.
The best and most reputable builders in your area are here to help you.
They're standing by right now in the booth prompted by your local Home Builders
Association to discuss plans and prices with you.
Believe me, a few minutes now can lead to a whole lifetime of happiness.
Happy home building!


对妻子的一句话(1955) (A Word to the Wives (1955))

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