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I'm so happy that we decided to stay in.
I think we make the right decision.
Big time!
You don't even like my friends
I hate your friends
I used to be out with 30 lads,
when I can be at home with one special person.
No, it's like you just end up breaking the mid January
and then you feel more depressed than you were before.
No, I don't really wanna lose weight...
I just don't know, smoke fact rages.
Yeah...it's not really that kind of resolution
it's more like an emotional one.
What do you mean?
I've try to... try to be a better person
I try to get your better self,
to hold your worse self a bit more so account.
Who's gonna first?
-I think is you! -Really? OK
I wanna start being more honest about
what's on my mind
Rather than getting you to guess,
and then getting furious when you get it wrong.
So, if I have had a bad day work,
and I'm ratty. Then, instead of being ratty,
I just wanna tell you that I have a bad day work.
Next, so you know when I get really annoyed,
and maybe you haven't quite spotted
what it is you done to annoy me.
But I just don't tell you,
and I make you feel really really bad,
and I drag out for ages.
I'm not gonna do that,
I'm just gonna... tell you what's wrong
-That will be good. -Yeah
I want to stop taking things so personally,
and makes you sensitive about everything,
if you having a bad day, you're feeling sad,
or angry whatever.
I don't want to always assume that is to do with me,
cause it could be to do completely different like,
your mom or you've have a bad day or whatever.
I just, I guess I have to stop.
Supposing that I'm to blame.
So you know I have this habit saying
"Nothing", when it's clearly something.
But I think it's because anytime it comes to difficult feelings
I just want to run away from them.
I can be quite evasive
So it's as if I kind of need to leave the drawbridge down a bit
you know, it's kind I'm a kind of very well defended fortress.
-And to let me in. - And to let you in, yeah
I think I wanna be as good a teacher as you are
because you help me realize so much about myself
and sometimes I wanna do the same,
but I'm too scared, and anxious that you won't listen
and obviously, you don't listen,
because I'm being anxious and scared,
and who wants to listen to that?
So I want to be as a good a teacher as you are,
picking the right moment,
when I'm calm and you're calm.
Yeah, I wanna be a better teacher.
I was find you really attractive
but I think I do have that thing
that sometimes I just don't want you to touch me
And I know that sounds really weird,
but I think it's because I might actually
be feeling really angry.
And it's something, I haven't dealt with,
and maybe I even forgotten that I'm angry myself.
So it's manifesting as kind of numbness
So, I guess I need to just pick up on these danger signs,
a bit sooner.
So I don't end up rejecting you.
And, yeah... just keep all of that anguish
at the bedroom.
-I'm a complete asshole -I am a nob
I frequently get things wrong,
I always think I'm right.
And I got the feeling that this year I'm gonna
cause you a lot of psychological and spiritual pain
-OK -I don't purpose
That's fine, I'm gonna keep making you terrible risottos, on purpose.
and they'll gonna be crunchy and horrible.
I'm really grateful to have you in my life
I'm very grateful
And I know it can be really difficult sometimes
I'm always pleasure to be around,
but occasionally misinterpret that.
Just occasionally. But it's normally because I'm confused
or sad... or angry, whatever
Yeah, I think it's because I'm anxious or angry
Do you think maybe this is just us
-maybe this is working. -Yeah, I'm sensing the common theme


如何在 2018 年成為更好的人 (How to Be a Better Person in 2018)

14853 分類 收藏
jenny 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 23 日    jenny 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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