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  • What's up guys, I'm in this restaurant that serves Bun Cha, and Bun Cha

    怎麼了,夥計們,我在這家餐廳 饅頭,還有饅頭

  • is essentially like grilled fatty pork and also comes with a giant bed of mixed

    基本上就是烤肥肉 還配有一張巨大的混合床

  • greens, like Thai basil and cilantro and lettuce and other stuff like that. There's

    綠色蔬菜,如泰國羅勒和香菜,以及。 生菜和其他類似的東西。有

  • slices of carrot and like radish, I think. You know me, I like to add red chilies

    胡蘿蔔片和蘿蔔一樣,我想。 你知道我的,我喜歡加紅辣椒。

  • to everything. I'm going to kind of put it in there like that.

    的一切。我打算把 它在那裡像。

  • There's also this garlic vinegar sauce. I'm gonna get a little bit, gotta throw

    還有這種蒜頭醋醬。 我去拿一點,得扔掉

  • it in there for a little kick. Alright, I'm going to try to get a

    它在那裡一個小踢。 好吧,我要去嘗試得到一個。

  • piece of the meat with the leaf and some noodles. Alright, let's go for this.

    一塊肉與葉子和一些 麵條。好吧,我們就去做這個。

  • Interesting combination of flavors, wow, I really was not expecting that.


  • It almost tastes like mint, maybe there is mint in here. Oh yeah, there is.

    味道幾乎像薄荷,也許有的。 是薄荷在這裡。哦,是的,有。

  • There's mint right here. That is a great touch. Mmm mint.


  • Mixes well with the fatty pork, the garlic vinegar that I just put in there, the red

    與肥肉、蒜頭混合均勻 醋,我只是把在那裡,紅色的。

  • chilies, the noodles are very soft and light, this was an amazing meal.

    辣椒,麵條非常柔軟,而且... 光,這是一頓了不起的飯。

  • I've never had this before. I'm going to go for that broth.

    我從來沒有吃過這個。 我要去喝那個肉湯。

  • Oh god, so good. It's so good guys. Vietnamese food just doesn't get old.

    哦,上帝,這麼好。 它是如此好的傢伙。越南菜只是不老。

  • Let's go ahead and dunk these noodles, mix it all up. There's more red chilies. Gotta have

    我們先把這些麵條灌下去,攪拌一下 了。還有更多的紅辣椒。一定要吃

  • those red chilies!


  • So besides the fatty piece of pork, I found an actual like little mini sausage patty.


  • I'm was just so happy that there's mint, I love mint. I got some mint, and red chili on there.

    我只是太高興了,有薄荷,我。 愛薄荷。我有一些薄荷,和紅辣椒在那裡。

  • Those chilies give it just like the right touch of heat, so good.

    這些辣椒給它 就像恰到好處的熱度,好極了。

  • It mixes with that sweet kind of flavor to the broth and the meat.

    它混合了那種甜蜜的 湯和肉的味道。

  • Sweet and spicy, gotta love it!


  • Got another piece of one of those pork patties.


  • Just eating the greens like right out of the basket. So good.

    只是吃綠色蔬菜,就像右出 的籃子。這麼好。

  • Cảm ơn. (Thank you)

    Cảm ơn。(謝謝你)

  • Yet another Vietnamese meal where I walk away completely stuffed.

    又是一頓越南餐 在那裡,我走了完全塞滿。

  • That was delicious, my god, Bun Cha... how have I not had that ever in my life

    太好吃了,我的天,Bun Cha... ... 我這輩子怎麼沒吃過呢?

  • before? I highly recommend it. It was only 30,000 VND ($1.32 USD), so once again another meal

    以前呢?我強烈推薦它。它只是 30,000越南盾(1.32美元),所以又一次吃了一頓

  • that's roughly like a dollar and change. It's just so affordable to eat out here.

    這大約是像一個美元和變化。 它只是這麼實惠 在這裡吃飯。

  • It's ridiculous! I hope you guys enjoyed this quick video

    太可笑了! 我希望你們喜歡這個快速視頻

  • and stay tuned for more, subscribe, like, support me on Patreon, all that other

    並繼續關注更多,訂閱,喜歡。 在Patreon上支持我,所有其他的。

  • good stuff. Catch you guys later, bye!!!


What's up guys, I'm in this restaurant that serves Bun Cha, and Bun Cha

怎麼了,夥計們,我在這家餐廳 饅頭,還有饅頭

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