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  • Hello Everyone

  • Today, I want to tell you about the most durable metal on Earth.

  • Titanium

  • In the periodic table of chemical elements, Titanium is in the forth group, located after Scandium.

  • In nature, this element is found in the composition of minerals.

  • Such as titanite and rutile.

  • Pure titanium usually is slivery grey.

  • And is lightweight metal.

  • With the highest ratio of strength-to-weight of all the elements.

  • This means the blade made of titanium will weight 50% less than the one made of steel.

  • Too, it will have the same strength and might be even stronger.

  • To demonstrate the physical properties of titanium, I will first try to compare with the grinder cut on the titanium plate in comparison to steel.

  • The steel plate is being cut pretty much as usual.

  • Without any problems.

  • However, when I start to cut the titanium plate, you could instantly notice the main difference - the colour of the sparks.

  • This is because titanium (like iron) has the property of powerful resistance.

  • This means, the small titanium particles created during this (shavings) can self-ignite in air.

  • Forming bright white sparks.

  • These sparks are much hotter than those formed by the shavings of steel.

  • Hence, are an increase in fire hazards.

  • Titanium powder generally burns in air extremely well.

  • Forming bright sparks.

  • This property of titanium is often used in pyrotechnics.

  • For example, for creating bright pyrotechnical fountains.

  • In the industry, titanium is often being cut with special cutters.

  • To avoid sparks and reduce the fire hazardness.

  • Also, sawing titanium with a grinder is a much worst experience than sawing steel.

Hello Everyone


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鈦--地球上最堅固的金屬! (Titanium - The STRONGEST METAL On Earth!)

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