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Hey guys, it's Kaykrizz and welcome back to my channel so today
We are going to continue our Qatar Airways series, and this is going to be all about day two
So if you want to know what's gonna happen on the day two of Qatar Airways assessment day make sure that you keep on watching
Okay on the day two of the avatar Airways cabin crew assessment day
there will be
Full two two eliminations there will be two eliminations, so I'm going to talk about the first
half of the day, so
Expect that there will be about 50 to 60 people who are going to be with you on that day
on the registration
They will ask you to fill up the registration form and you will be asked to have a sticker
put down on your coat
okay, they have a dress code for the second day, so make sure that you follow the dress code for the second day and
Also on the first half the second day what they're going to do or what is the itinerary
First off is going to be a briefing from the recruiters
They will talk in front of you
After that there will be a video that they will show it will be all about Qatar and Qatar Airways
They will ask you one by one to go at the back do a reach test
They will ask you about your scars moles and tattoos while everyone else or all of you are
Taking the english test
After that first elimination, so here are my tips for you
Take care of that sticker that you are going to put on your blazer don't lose it, okay?
it's very important that they know your names and
Also, your numbers will be there so your number
They will call you by number if your number is not called meaning. You are eliminated. So make sure you take note of that
My next step for you is whenever somebody is talking in front never
Never look like you are not listening
Always, put all your attention to whoever is taking the floor because it's very important
It is one of the reasons that they eliminate candidates, so don't look at your phone
Don't be yawn don't look at the room over the room. You know pay attention to whoever is speaking
That's the way that you get through this round as
Well as during the video
I know it's going to be a long video it might be boring for you always sit upright pay attention to the video
Whenever you are caught looking at your phone
yawning talking to other people in the interview room or in the in the assessment room
Oh my god. You will not be carrying on to the next stage of the process believe me
I learned it through my own mistakes
So eight times I tried for this and that is how I know all of this anyways moving on to my tips
Okay, my next step for you is
During the English test
They will be asking you to remove your coat. Go to the back. You know
They will ask you to do a reach test
they will ask you to
show them any scars moles and tattoos when you are doing this make sure that you do not frown or
Show any signs of insecurity show them your tattoos and moles with a smile, okay?
Don't look at it as something that is bad about you or something that is you are ashamed off
Like for example I have a mole here, and they always ask me about it, so whenever they ask me. Do you have any tattoos?
Moles, or scars I will tell them I have a beauty mark here. I have a scar here behind my leg
It's a motorcycle accident, and that's it and I say it exactly the way. I'm saying right now with a smile
Don't like say it now. I have a mole here I
Actually have a scar here
You know this kind of facial expressions. is the reason that you will not be
Called for the next phase all right, so take note of that
For the exam I don't have any much problem because I know all Filipinos are good in English there will be some exams about
English vocabulary
Verb tense past tense things like that things like those
Comprehension and as well as a little bit of math, but it's easy breezy guys
No worries about the test you can make it through
But the other things that I'm talking about pay attention to that because those are the things that will carry you through the next round
So good luck on your applications if you made it this far your applications. You are very lucky
You made it through the first cut, which is the first day?
And I also have a video about that if you haven't watched that yet check it out
if you like this video
Or if you find this valuable to you the next best thing that you could do is head on to my website miss Kaykrizz
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Also by doing so you are joining my family my community and welcome if you are
And that's it. I think that that helps you out
Stay tuned for another series of this Qatar Airways
series because there's more coming up so I'll see you on the next video guys. Bye and our five you soon


卡達空服員面試第二天 (Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview Day 2 | Taglish | Misskaykrizz)

210 分類 收藏
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