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  • Good afternoon

  • We might be watching the death of the White House press briefing.

  • Or at least, its credibility.

  • This week, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee scrambled to explain why Trump

  • fired FBI director James Comey -- who was in the middle of overseeing multiple investigations

  • into the Trump White House's ties to Russia.

  • The President, over the last several months, lost confidence in Director Comey.”

  • The official White House explanation wasand bear with methat Trump fired Comey after

  • hearing from the Deputy Attorney General who raised concerns about Comey's handling of

  • the Clinton emails during the campaign.

  • Got it?

  • No?

  • It's okay, this whole story is a complete s***show.

  • Reporters were super skeptical of the White House's explanation because it made no sense.

  • Trump repeatedly praised Comey's handling of Clinton's emails during the campaign.

  • “I have great respect for the FBI for righting this wrong.”

  • And he's been president since January.

  • Why would he wait three months to fire Comeyin the middle of an investigation?

  • What changed?”

  • But Huckabee was adamant:

  • Isn't it true that the President had already decided to fire James Comey, and he

  • asked the Justice Department to put together the rationale for that firing?

  • No.”

  • She stood in front of reporters and insisted Trump fired Comey because of how he handled

  • Clinton's emails.

  • The basicuh, atrocities, in circumventing the chain of command in the Department of

  • Justice.”

  • And he was only doing it now because he was convinced by the Deputy Attorney General.

  • “I think that was the final catalyst.”

  • And then, Trump ruined everything.

  • What I did is – I was going to fire Comey.

  • My decision.”

  • Holt, NBC News: “You had made the decision before they came in the room.”

  • “I was going to fire Comey.”

  • And he fired him because he wasn't happy with the FBI's investigation into his Russia

  • ties.

  • When I decided to just – I said to myself, you know,

  • this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story, it's an excuse for Democrats

  • for having lost an election that they should have won.”

  • The whole saga reveals a basic problem with Trump spokespeople like Huckabee, Kellyanne

  • Conway and Sean Spicer -- they don't actually speak for the president.

  • Conway says Trump has confidence in Michael Flynn:

  • Yes, General Flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president.”

  • Trump asks for his resignation.

  • Spicer says Trump has confidence in Comey:

  • The president has confidence in the director.”

  • Trump says he's wanted to fire him for a while:

  • There's no good time to do it, by the way.”

  • This is all really unusual -- the whole point of having a White House press shop is that

  • these spokespeople are expected to accurately reflect the views of the president.

  • But Huckabee admitted she didn't even talk to Trump before speaking on his behalf about

  • Comey.

  • Even Trump admits reporters shouldn't trust his spokespeople.

  • The day after his NBC interview he tweeted that we should cancel the White House press

  • briefing

  • and that no one should expect his spokespeople to be perfectly accurate because he's very

  • busy.

  • And he's not wrongthere is no credible White House press shop anymore.

  • The only person who speaks for Trump is Trump.

  • Everything else is damage control.

Good afternoon


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白宮的新聞發佈會正在死去 (The White House press briefing is dying)

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