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  • The book of Romans says,

  • Amen!

  • To confess with our mouth and believe in our heart is all we must do.

  • Righteousness through faith means we are hence forever saved. (Amen!)

  • When our Lord comes again,

  • He will bring us directly into the kingdom of heaven. (Amen!)

  • We can set aside all things to spread the gospel and shepherd the church.

  • Such toil and labor is doing the will of our heavenly Father.

  • We fervently work for the Lord. And we'll spend anything.

  • That's doing the will of our heavenly Father!

  • Our Lord will surely bring us into the kingdom of heaven! (Amen!)

  • Following the heavenly Father's will is following God's words,

  • His commandments, and His instructions.

  • If men don't act according to the Lord's word,

  • their labor has nothing to do

  • withdoing the will of the Father which is in heaven.”

  • The Lord Jesus has never said that

  • if we laid everything else aside and labored for Him,

  • we would enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • But the apostle Paul said,

  • And so, if we act according to Paul's words,

  • we are following the will of God,

  • and will enter the kingdom of heaven and be rewarded.

  • Those were the words of Brother Paul.

  • How could it be that Brother Paul was mistaken?

  • Paul is not the Lord of the kingdom of heaven.

  • Lord Jesus is the King of it.

  • And only His words are the truth, and the authority.

  • Only the Lord Jesus can decide who can enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • If you believe in God, why not follow Lord Jesus' words?

  • Why do you insist on following Paul's words?

  • Since Paul's words are recorded in the Bible,

  • they must have come from God.

  • Every Christian recognizes that fact.

  • If we follow Paul's words, we're not wrong!

  • Do you trust in Lord Jesus or in Paul? Who exactly do you believe in?

  • In the past 20 years, how much have I suffered? What price have I paid?

  • Isn't that loving the Lord? Isn't that doing the heavenly Father's will?

  • You're not doing the heavenly Father's will!

  • You want to use it to buy blessings into the kingdom of heaven.

  • You're selfish and base!

  • Am I wrong to suffer and shepherd the flock for the Lord?

  • I don't believe the Lord will abandon me!

  • You exalt Paul's words all the time, but abandon God's commandments.

  • Aren't you just the hypocritical Pharisee the Lord Jesus talked about?

  • How dare you lecture me!

  • He's not my brother!

  • You reject the truth!

  • The Pharisees are your brothers.

  • You are a modern Pharisee!

  • You

  • Why do you always exalt Paul instead of testifying Christ?

  • Hu Qinjuan, why are you always opposing me?

  • O Lord

  • In every instance, Qinjuan has been exposing me.

  • In fact, everything she said is true!

  • I don't have any truth inside me.

  • O Lord, what way am I to walk now?

  • Once saved, always saved.

  • Once saved, always saved.

  • This is how we'll enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • Butbeing savedonly means our sins are forgiven;

  • we won't be condemned or put to death by the law.

  • We still sin often and are not worthy to enter!

  • People are sinful,

  • but the sin offering of the Lord Jesus is forever effective.

  • The Lord Jesus has forgiven our sins.

  • But what doessinmean here?

  • The Lord is righteous and holy.

  • Would He let a habitual sinner into the kingdom of heaven?

  • Brother, for those long-time believers

  • who spend their lifetime for the Lord,

  • if they reject Almighty God's end-time work,

  • they still won't be taken into the kingdom of heaven?

  • Brother Fan, I'm glad you've asked.

  • Almighty God has given us a clear answer.

The book of Romans says,


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