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  • Hello and welcome everyone. This is Minoo at Anglo-Link.

  • Today we've prepared another lesson on conversational English for you.

  • And the topic we have chosen for you is Telephoning.

  • As usual, we're going to look at both formal and informal expressions in this context.

  • The first dialogue is in the context of calling a friend,

  • and in the second dialogue, we'll listen to someone calling a law firm.

  • After you've heard both dialogues, we're going to compare them sentence by sentence,

  • so you can become aware of the differences in styles and expressions,

  • and we will finish with a gap filling exercise to get you to practise these dialogues more actively

  • and memorise some of the useful expressions in them.

  • By the end of the lesson, you will have a nice selection of both formal and informal expressions to make phone calls.

  • Now. I'd like you to make sure that you watch this video till the very end,

  • because at the end of the lesson, I'm going to come back and introduce you to our prize draw,

  • which I would really like all of you to participate in.

  • So, when you're ready, we can begin with the lesson.

  • Welcome back everyone. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

  • Ok! It's now time for our prize draw.

  • This week's prize is a free Premium Plus membership on our website

  • Now, this level of membership will give you access to hundreds of online exercises with immediate corrections,

  • and also the sound track of every question and every answer.

  • It's a really great way of practising and assimilating all the grammar points and the expressions that we teach you on our website,

  • and at the same time, improving your pronunciation, your listening and your fluency.

  • So it's a really great prize!

  • The only thing you need to do to enter this prize draw is to make a comment in the section below.

  • It can be a comment about which part of the video you enjoyed most,

  • or it can be a question. It can be a suggestion for our next video.

  • As long as you make a comment, you will be entered into our prize draw.

  • And we will announce a winner at random.

  • Well, I hope you've enjoyed the lesson and please don't forget to like and subscribe.

  • I look forward to seeing you in our next video. Bye Now!

Hello and welcome everyone. This is Minoo at Anglo-Link.


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電話 - 英語會話課程 (Telephoning - English Conversation Lesson)

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