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The Bachelor his name is Juan Pablo

here to interesting things to say about
they gaze

back to TV pages Sean Daly what was in

I respect them
but I'll honest I don't think is a good

kid you want to keep his heart its heart
is a very thin line

and there's they have all gay people
dead are it seems to me you know
make a mistake and I meant great you
know I have a lot of friends that have

to do more
herbert in a sense
to me this show will be
too strong too hard do it. Dave how do
you feel about being a partner

huge herbert people huge huge pervert
I okay well before we get into the
discussion let's go to the apology cuz

this is america
and you do have to apologize some people
I want to apologize to all the people I

may have offended because it my comment
on having

a gay or bisexual bachelor the comment
was taken out of context if you listen

to the entire interview
there's nothing but respect for gay
people and their families

okay I mean that's apology 101 n you
know his English actually is pretty good

II it's not I guess a hundred percent
perfect it's not his native town so I'm

willing to give them a little bit a
the leash on that I am both start with
what he said before we get to the

well he has gay friendly from the best
friends again well

you automatically compile could if you
have a black brandy you're not raised

right but the report right so you wanna
have perverts on a show

I mean specially show that's as
family-friendly as The Bachelor and the

where their up sexually active on camera
there's no intercourse but you know

they're making out in their touching
each other some heavy petting

on had a bad day and also you know what
you don't want to set a bad example for

especially when the majority the
couple's that

you know result from the show stay
together and they

live a long happy lives after they get
married I thing I noticed

cuz I want you to be a perfect segue
into some of the images we have to show

right now
but so if you look at my house couples i

majority of them broke up yeah Jillian
Harris and Ed

Twitter FB I thought they were gonna be
alright by Guinean estella gardner et

two and half weeks they left after the
bachelor crab historic unfair

sara Stone made it a poll week what we
gotta love that a good weekend

Genshaft and Jerry farris immediately
after they've been out and about what in

the limo like going to the airport they
couldn't take it anymore

and I think that I we've got one more
Jason Mednick

and Melissa Rycroft mediately after the

I'm yeah so you know these are long

normally values this is all about family
now it's not all about putting women

I don't know I heard that they know a
hair on that this guy gets to choose

from that the family value
what are we teaching kids with that
where they have to dress a certain way

it captures attention and by I was
joking around about the heavy petting

I don't know maybe there is heavy
petting on the show but like they are

like making out and do it right up like
that why is that

considered a okay for kids but
you're having a gay couple on their all
that pet so I do want to focus on the on

the pervert part for second because I do
think there is a resurgent

love this idea that people who are
somehow gay-friendly like if you're if

you're on The Bachelor
your you have to be somewhat gay
friendly because everyone that works

behind the scenes
is gay not everybody ninety percent the
people at Hollywood there are gay people

so you know Arabic I so Sherri Shepherd
on on the View last night

and she said that you know gay people
are sinners but I love them now

II do have friends that work on the view
your 100 gay people that work there

obviously ECB ninety percent of the men
who watch the view are gay and I think
this is the more dangerous thing they

out right thing you hate gay people
that's one thing you know the bill

Robertson thing is one thing
but this new thing I'll their senators
but I love them

they're perverts but I have a friend
like them to me that seems much more

then the other people because the hate
people that it easy to define

this other thing seems much more
insidious to me it's a

it's justifying the hatred toward a
certain group so I don't know Sherri

Shepherd hates gay people like I
that's a pretty harsh statement to make
about her but

I have letter person she's very nice I
know that she knew I was gay

but but from my little director she was
she was very nice while you are openly

perverted so complete I have to think I
might that hey

number yeah I can't get over that
accusation I think it's really funny

well herbert kinda funny by North

anyway up good thing about Jake
NJ as perverted things you so but he's
straight like I love how it's like

you know only well at the level 1 per
but if you're gayer level team up with

the way to to use your religion to look
down on people and say oh well you know

it's religious that's why it's okay
and it's not okay you know what I really
didn't like about

but this particular idea is the time
together homosexuality

with but being a pervert the pedophile
you know it is the same thing that

Britain is done in russia and he
completes the to these are two separate

group's know peta files are not gay

who you know it's a totally different
thing so I'm I'm I'm surprised that this

who has this great TV show and as
wonderful opportunity

has gone and made it clear that he
actually has no idea what he's talking

what would you guys say to the people
that would say oh well why you guys

covering this story
just some reality star it said thank you
but I to me I feel like we do have to

sort a cover the yeah
because these people are out there and
until there is truly quality you have to

call them out on the


同性戀變態? 男人約會25,女人說同意 (Are Gays Perverts? Guy Dating 25 Women Says Yes)

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Hhart Budha 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 7 日
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