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  • Hi everyone from AC News!

  • Let's see the today's trailer,

  • cinema news is coming up!

  • Director Ruben Fleischer

  • had a fortunate box office with his last films, 30 Minutes or Less,

  • but he's coming back behind the camera trying

  • to bring a stronger showing with Gangster Squad.

  • The film is a thriller and even if it's not coming out till 2013

  • we know that the main characters will be Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

  • The first official photo of Dark Shadows,

  • Tim Burton's new film, was finally released.

  • The film is inspired by an american sitcom

  • that was very popular between 1966 and 1971.

  • The director's favourite actor Johnny Depp

  • will play the part of a vampire.

  • That's all for today!

  • See you soon with AC News!

Hi everyone from AC News!


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