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  • Number 1: Janice Fukakusa.

    第一位:Janice Fukakusa

  • Last January, Fukakusa retired as RBC's chief financial officer

    Fukakusa 在服務加拿大皇家銀行 30 年之後

  • after a three-decade career with the financial institution.


  • Now as chair of the Canada Infrastructure Bank, she's charged with overseeing the federal


  • government's thirty-five billion dollar investment in public works projects and

    聯邦政府於公共工程計畫的 350 億元投資並

  • wooing private investors to join the effort.


  • Number 2: Apoorva Mehta.

    第二位:Apoorva Mehta

  • When the University of Waterloo graduate launched Instacart in 2012, the grocery delivery

    當滑鐵盧大學碩士生在 2012 年創立 Instacart 時,食品雜貨的運送服務

  • service was only available in San Francisco. The company now serves 150

    只開放於舊金山地區。這間公司現在服務了 150 間商場

  • markets and is valued at more than three billion dollars. Mehta's company will

    並且有超過 30 億元的市值。Mehta 的公司將於

  • begin a Canadian expansion to 2018 through a partnership with Loblaws.

    2018 年開始與 Loblaws 合作以擴張至加拿大

  • Number 3: Laurahler.

    第三位:Laura Bühler

  • A Calgary native, Bühler was previously a senior

    一名加拿大土生土長的卡加利城人,Bühler 原本是

  • director at Gilt, the popular online shopping site. In February, she became

    熱門線上購物網站 Gilt 的資深主管。2 月時,她成為

  • executive director of the C100, a nonprofit aimed at connecting Canadian

    C100 的執行董事,一個致力於連接加拿大創業家

  • entrepreneurs with investors in Silicon Valley.


  • Number 4: Huda Idrees

    第四位:Huda Idrees

  • A veteran of Canada's startup scene, Idrees worked at both

    Idrees 是加拿大新創圈的老手,在創立自己的公司前

  • Wealth Simple, an online investment service, and Wattpad, the so-called

    她同時服務於線上投資服務公司 Wealth Simple

  • Netflix of books, before founding her own company. Dot Health aims to ease access

    以及人稱書本界的 Netflix--Wattpad。她的公司 Dot Health 致力於

  • to personal health records through an online subscription service. The company


  • is just starting but Idrees' track record means that the tech community is

    這間公司才剛要起步,但 Idrees 的追蹤紀錄意味著科技圈已經在

  • taking notice.


  • Number 5: Bruce Linton

    第五名:Bruce Linton

  • A former tech executive, Linton founded

    Linton 過去曾是一名科技經理,他創立了

  • Canopy Growth Corporation, the country's largest licensed cannabis producer. With

    加拿大最大的大麻許可製造商 Canopy Growth Corporation

  • legalization pending, the company faces a rapidly expanding market. Constellation


  • Brands which makes Corona beer recently invested nearly 200 million

    Corona 啤酒所屬的集團 Constellation Brands 最近投資了將近 2 億美元

  • dollars in Canopy.

    在 Canopy 公司上

Number 1: Janice Fukakusa.

第一位:Janice Fukakusa


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