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Number 1: Janice Fukakusa.
Last January, Fukakusa retired as RBC's chief financial officer
after a three-decade career with the financial institution.
Now as chair of the Canada Infrastructure Bank, she's charged with overseeing the federal
government's thirty-five billion dollar investment in public works projects and
wooing private investors to join the effort.
Number 2: Apoorva Mehta.
When the University of Waterloo graduate launched Instacart in 2012, the grocery delivery
service was only available in San Francisco. The company now serves 150
markets and is valued at more than three billion dollars. Mehta's company will
begin a Canadian expansion to 2018 through a partnership with Loblaws.
Number 3: Laura Bühler.
A Calgary native, Bühler was previously a senior
director at Gilt, the popular online shopping site. In February, she became
executive director of the C100, a nonprofit aimed at connecting Canadian
entrepreneurs with investors in Silicon Valley.
Number 4: Huda Idrees
A veteran of Canada's startup scene, Idrees worked at both
Wealth Simple, an online investment service, and Wattpad, the so-called
Netflix of books, before founding her own company. Dot Health aims to ease access
to personal health records through an online subscription service. The company
is just starting but Idrees' track record means that the tech community is
taking notice.
Number 5: Bruce Linton
A former tech executive, Linton founded
Canopy Growth Corporation, the country's largest licensed cannabis producer. With
legalization pending, the company faces a rapidly expanding market. Constellation
Brands which makes Corona beer recently invested nearly 200 million
dollars in Canopy.



2018 年即將形塑加拿大商業的五個大人物 (Five to Watch in 2018: Business)

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Lilian Chang 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 4 日    Lilian Chang 翻譯    Samuel 審核
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