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(plodding music)
- Okay.
(doorbell rings)
- Hi.
- Have you heard the story of Joseph Smith?
(door slams)
(doorbell rings)
- Start with Jesus.
- Okay.
- Everybody likes Jesus.
What we meant to say was, do you...
(door slams)
I think that a lot of people think it's so easy to
be religious.
- Good morning. How are you doing? - Care to talk about Jesus Christ?

- How are you doing? - No, I'm in a hurry.
- Oh, no worries. - Goodbye.
- Hey, how ya' doing?
- Do you believe in Jesus Christ?
- Aw. - That's okay.
- Okay, good luck. - Not at all?
- How are you all doing this morning?
- What are you girls up to today?
- In my six months of being a missionary for the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my faith has been
tested all the time.
- So we actually don't smoke, that's part of our church.
We don't smoke and we don't drink and...
- That's why Mormons are the best looking.
- Yeah.
- Ah,
Don't look to your right, there's a big ol' sign,
- Oh my gosh.
- Just don't even bother.
I told you not to look there.
- Oh my gosh.
- I do want to help people, people just don't seem to
always want to be helped.
Oh, hi there, how you doing?
- Enormous, check this out!
- Would you like to know about the one true church?
- Are you serious?
- Do you want to know about my (beep) instead?
Come here, come here.
- This is dangerous, stop it.
Run, run.
- You know I miss my mom and dad, and I miss my three
older brothers, Mark, Jared and Brian.
And my three younger brothers, Luke, Paul and Gary.
However, despite all this, at the end of these two
years, at least I have my gal Linda to come home to.
- Did you propose before you left?
- No, I was gonna wait until the mission was done.
And after I got into dental school and stuff.
- Right.
- What do you mean, right?
- Nothing.
I had a girl back in Vegas but Heavenly Father had
another plan for her and she married a returning missionary.
I've been on my mission here in Los Angeles for almost
two years since then.
I only have a couple of months left.
And I don't really want it to end.
- Ezra's in there.
(piano music)
- Ow, ow, ow!
- Do you feel the spirit now? (laughs)
- Ow, why'd you do that?
- For me, faith is like music, you just have to follow
the beat and also be a good singer.
If you're not a good singer, you could play the
tamborine or something.
Or just be quiet and listen to the Holy Spirit.
- Hi there, have you heard about the restoration
of the Gospel?
(door slams)
- Good morning, Sir.
We're just gonna leave a pamphlet under your door if you
don't mind, thanks so much.
- [In Unison] Hello.
(door slams)
- Must be a little breezy, you got use a little more muscle,
there you go.
- Whoa.
You know, something might be wrong, let's try the top of
the...there we go.
I know we should find an investigator, but I really don't
want another door in my face.
- Maybe we shouldn't lead with Joseph Smith is a prophet.
- What do you lead with if you don't lead with Joseph
Smith is a prophet?
Like that's the best part.
(doorbell rings)
- Coming.
- Hi, we're from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints.
- Are you a Star Wars fan?
- Star Wars?
Not really, why?
- What about a Britney Spears fan?
- Who doesn't like Britney?
- What if the Old Testament is like Baby One More Time
and the New Testament is Oops I Did It Again,
the Book of Mormon is Britney.
- Oh, I'm a Slave For You, Britney.
- Yes.
When it's finally about the dance.
Do you mind if we come in and talk about the Book of Mormon?
This is great.
- Uh, sure.
- Hi I'm Elder Alan.
- So you guys are Christian, right?
- Yeah, it's in the name, the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints.
- What makes you any different from all the other churches
out there?
- We don't drink alcohol.
- Okay, I haven't drank for about a month now, so.
- Hey, that's awesome.
- I feel fresh, I feel rejuvenated.
- We also don't use tobacco.
- Well I smoke but I'm trying to cut back.
- Self improvement is so important.
- And then it's just no caffeine.
- No caffeine?
So how do you wake up in the morning?
- Well, as it says in the doctrine and covenants,
you know we're not really supposed to.
- What?
In what?
- Well it's kind of like the liner notes on an album.
- So there's these words of wisdom that say there are
these certain harmful substances that we
should abstain from.
- (stutters) It, it's even in the New Testament.
"Know ye not that ye are a temple of God and that
the spirit of God dwelleth in you?"
- Okay, so my body's like a temple.
I like that.
What's your stance on the LGBT community?
- What's an LGBT?
- The gay people.
- Why would you want to know about that?
- Why do you listen to so much Britney, then?
- I like to dance.
- Yeah, I like men.
- Oh, dang.
(door slams)
- I hope I didn't send him any mixed signals or anything.
I touched his hand.
- Hey Mormons, check this out!
- I can't see.
Zack, I can't see.
I can't see.
- We should teach her.
- I can't see, I can't see.
- Oh no, oh no.
- I got it.
- I mean there's gonna be more losses than wins,
that's just how this thing works, but...
I'm sorry, I just think
it's been really hard this week.
I miss my mom and dad and I miss my brothers
and I miss my girlfriend and I don't know what
I'm doing.
I want the spirit to help me do better.
I just don't think I'm doing it.
I don't really want to do this anymore.
- Hey Ezra?
- Yeah.
- It's Zack.
Hey buddy, you trying to get out of sight and out of
sound of me?
- No.
It's tough being away from your family, I know.
It was tough for me when I first got here.
You gotta hold on to your testimony.
- I know.
- That's what will keep you strong.
You know what helps you hold on to your testimony
better than anything?
Singing about God.
Hey Boggs, get your guitar, come on in here.
(sentimental piano music)
- That's how it is, right, just when you're out of faith,
that's when your friends show up.
I'm gonna keep spreading the word of God.
♫ Joseph Smith
Thanks guys.
- You're welcome.
- How you doing, Boggs?
- Um, my dad just died.
Wanna sing more?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
(guitar music)
♫ We will walk
(funky upbeat music)


摩門教傳教士遇到的問題 (Mormon Missionary Problems)

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Pedroli Li 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 3 日    April Lu 翻譯    李依庭 審核
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